Residents and staff at Splendido use the Gharieni Welnamis spa wave bed for relaxation and to target mind-body issues from sleep problems to headaches.


What if you could tell your brain to relax for a while, and learn to let go of “mental chatter,” negative thoughts, and spiraling inner monologues? There is a high-tech tool that basically does this: the Gharieni Welnamis spa wave bed uses computer-controlled vibrational therapy and audio frequencies to train the brain to relax. Similar to meditation, certain sounds heard through stereo headphones slow mental activity, while the bed’s vibrational frequencies target the body’s energy centers.

Residents and staff at Splendido, a Life Plan Community for those 55 and better in Oro Valley, have been using the spa wave bed since the end of 2022. “The technology of the bed was originally developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorders of American veterans,” explains Todd Lutz, Splendido’s spa and fitness manager. “It has different settings for treating not only PTSD, but also stress, depression, and poor sleep, as well as headaches and difficulty focusing.”

The high-tech bed, located in one of the massage rooms in Splendido’s spa, allows individuals to choose their desired wellness goal, such as improving sleep quality.

The spa wave bed is just one of the latest wellness opportunities at Splendido, which in 2022 was ranked #1 in wellness among senior living communities in all of North America, earning a ICAA NuStep Top 5 Pinnacle Award. The honor was bestowed to Splendido for providing exceptional performance using wellness as a foundation, and partnering with residents and staff to create relevant, meaningful opportunities that empower people to age well.

In that spirit, Todd recently asked interested Splendido residents and staff to participate in a pilot program where they would try out the spa wave bed and then report on its effectiveness. Over two weeks, 18 residents and nine employees tested 30- and 60-minute sessions with different treatments. The most popular treatments among the group targeted improving sleep, relieving stress, general well-being, reducing fatigue, and enhancing positive energy.

“My mind is always racing. I thought the wave bed might calm it… and that’s exactly what it does,” says Amy Lohr, one of the residents who participated in the pilot program. “When I’m using the spa bed, my mind empties, and I can just focus on the sensations of the bed, which feels like a waterbed, and on the sound. You can select from a couple of sound levels, and I choose the quietest; you can also pick the color that glows out from under the bed. It adds up to a whole-body experience.”

Jean Nerenberg, another resident participant, says, “I was curious about it, and I wanted to relax. It was very relaxing—it felt like meditating, and took me away from my thoughts. While I was using the bed, I used breathing techniques that I learned in my meditation class, and I think that enhanced the experience.”

A survey of all participants in the pilot program reveals they enjoyed a variety of benefits from using the wave bed. The most prevalent include the following:

52% - Reduced feelings of depression and stress

48% - Felt an improvement in mental focus

48% - Reduced anxiety

40% - Reported having better sleep

For those who used the bed in hopes of reducing specific pain, the wave bed worked best at relieving pain in the lower back, shoulders, and upper back.

“I’m using the bed weekly, and I really look forward to it,” says Amy. “I enjoy having my mind clear. It’s a feeling that lasts for the rest of the day, and even into the next day. I just feel like my mind is less full of ‘stuff.’”

In addition to the spa wave bed, Splendido’s spa offers salon services and signature treatments for body and skin health on a fee-for-service basis. From new healing technology to soothing skin treatments, its spa services are just a few of the community’s offerings that support residents on their unique wellness journeys.

Interested in learning more about Splendido? For an overview of our services and amenities, including a list of spa services, visit splendidotucson.com/life-at-splendido/services-amenities.

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