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This spring, Tucson theater goers can choose from an eclectic mix of works, heavy on the comedies and musicals with a few dramas sprinkled in. From new works to classics, local theaters are offering a diverse selection of tales to tantalize their audiences.

Arizona Repertory Theatre + Next Performance Collective


“Romeo & Juliet,” Thursdays through Sundays, Sunday, Feb. 26, to Sunday, March 19

William Shakespeare’s story of two star-crossed lovers whose feuding families force their love to happen in secret with tragic results. Matinee performances for high schoolers available.

“Head Over Heels,” Thursdays through Sundays, Sunday, April 9, to Sunday, April 23

The musical features songs by the Go-Go’s and follows the escapades of a royal family on a journey to save their kingdom. Based on Sir Philip Sidney’s “The Arcadia,” the musical celebrates love as the royal family learns the secret to survival is in their hearts.

New Directions Festival, Fridays through Sundays, Friday, April 21, to Sunday, April 30

The second festival showcasing undergraduate student-created, student-designed and student-performed content.

Arizona Theatre Company


“Pru Payne,” Wednesdays through Sundays, Saturday, March 4, to Saturday, March 25

This world premiere by Steven Drukman explores love and identity in the face of memory loss. Critic Pru Payne, a wit, scholar and intellectual, questions her preconceived notions of identity and finds unexpected love.

“Private Lives,” Wednesdays through Sundays, Saturday, April 15, to Saturday, May 6

Noël Coward’s most popular comedy about a divorced couple having honeymoons with their new spouses in adjacent rooms at the same hotel. Combustible chemistry reignites and mayhem ensues in this battle of equals.

Broadway in Tucson


“Dear Evan Hansen,” Tuesday, Feb. 21, to Sunday, Feb. 26, the hit musical’s national tour.

A high school student inserts himself into a tragedy, taking on a role he has no right to. The teen story deals with suicide, survival and loneliness.

“Mean Girls,” Tuesday, March 28, to Sunday, April 2, the national tour.

The musical based on the movie in which a new student has to make choices about what clique she will belong to and how she will treat people. With a book by Tina Fey and music by Jeff Richmond, this coming-of-age story finds Cady adapting to life in a Chicago high school after growing up in Kenya.

Riverdance, Friday, April 28, to Sunday, April 30

The Irish dance troupe makes its 20th anniversary tour with their Irish dance, music and song.

Gaslight Theatre


“The Ballad of Two-Gun McGraw: A Wacky Western Adventure,” Tuesdays through Sundays, through Sunday, March 26

Gaslight Theatre brings back its 2015 melodrama set in San Pecos, Texas, in the 1880s when corrupt businessmen come to town and are challenged by a singing, gun-toting Texas Ranger, Two Gun McGraw.

“Robin Hood,” Tuesdays through Sundays, Thursday, March 30, to Sunday, June 4

A wacky musical adventure of Robin Hood, as he and his merry men steal from the rich, give to the poor, try to protect the throne for King Richard and defy the evil sheriff of Nottingham. Also known as “It Sherwood be Fun.”

Invisible Theatre


“The Sabbath Girl,” Tuesday, Feb. 15, to Sunday, Feb. 26

This rom-com by Cary Gitter is about Angie, a successful woman working at an art gallery with a new apartment on the Upper West Side, who runs into Seth, a divorced Orthodox Jew who needs someone to help him with tasks he is forbidden from doing on the Sabbath.

“Billie! Backstage with Lady Day,” Saturday, March 18, to Sunday, March 19

An NAACP-award winning musical that follows the haunting journey of Billie Holiday, some of her amazing songs and the winding road of love, joy, blues and racism.

“Small Mouth Sounds,” Wednesday, April 19, to Sunday, April 30

This play tells the story of four strangers who go on a silent retreat in the woods. Bess Wohl’s humor-filled play is a compassionate look at how people address life’s biggest questions when words fail them. 

Live Theatre Workshop


“On the Verge, or the Geography of Yearning,” Thursdays through Sundays, Thursday, Feb. 23, to Saturday, March 25

Set in 1888, three female explorers attempt to conquer Terra Incognita, an unexplored territory where they encounter cannibals, trolls and artifacts. Eric Overmyer’s fantasy/sci-fi tale is a study of ambition and the human condition.

“Tell Me About You,” Fridays and Saturdays, Friday, March 3, to Saturday, March 11

Set on the theater’s new Etcetera Stage, this one-woman show takes place on a first date. Playwright, director and actor Ally Tanzillo plays a version of herself in this comedy about modern dating.

“Tooth Fairies in Training,” Saturdays and Sundays, Saturday, April 15, to Sunday, April 30

Richard Gremel’s children’s show takes place on the first day of tooth fairy training for Bridget Bicuspid and Marty Molar. Their miscues make Calvin McCavity threaten to end the Fairy Flight Force forever and they must save the day. 

Mystery and Magic Dinner Theatre


“Murder at the Magic Show,” Saturdays and Sundays through Saturday, April 1

This dinner theater production includes a murder mystery and a magic show. A candlelit three-course dinner is served along with a comedy three-act murder mystery. Actors serve the meals, providing clues to the audience who can win prizes by solving the mystery. 

Rogue Theatre


“The Seafarer,” Thursdays through Sundays, Thursday, March 2, to Sunday, March 19

Conor McPherson’s classic play is about an alcoholic drying out and living with his blind brother. He reluctantly hosts a Christmas Eve gathering with friends and most confront a promise he made decades ago to an ambiguous figure with supernatural echoes. A dark, funny and intense play.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Thursdays through Sundays, Thursday, April 27, to Sunday, May 14

Shakespeare’s comedy comprises four lovers and forest full of fairies. Hermia and Lysander run away into the woods when she is told she must marry her father’s choice, Demetrius. He chases her along with Helena, who is in love with Demetrius. Fairies intervene and rude mechanicals rehearsing for the wedding of the prince provide additional hijinks.

Scoundrel and Scamp Theatre


“Brontë,” Thursdays through Sundays, Thursday, Feb. 16, to Saturday, March 5

“Brontë” is a dramatic and literary examination of the lives of the three Brontë sisters by Polly Teale. It is 1845 and Branwell Brontë returns home in disgrace, turning the lives of his three literary sisters upside down as they live their isolated lives.

“One Twig at a Time,” Thursdays through Sundays, Thursday, April 13, to Sunday, April 30

A world premiere of Wolfe Bowart’s physical theater, the show incudes found art puppets, poetic visual theater, humor, pathos, drought, flood, overabundance and the vacuum of space. Five multigenerational actors explore community through visual poems.

“Pooh,” Fridays through Sundays (with weekday matinees for schools), Friday, May 12, to Sunday, May 21

A new Scoundrel and Scamp adaptation of A.A. Milne’s beloved characters from “Winnie the Pooh” features humans and forest-dwellers romping through the Hundred Acre Woods learning about courage, friendship, growth and acceptance. 

Winding Road Theatre Ensemble


“Tick, tick, BOOM,” Friday, Feb. 24, to Sunday, March 5

Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical, written before “Rent,” is the story of a composer and the sacrifices he makes. It features 14 songs, 10 characters and three actors. It’s the story of a composer’s journey to a big Broadway blockbuster.

Eight 10s in Tucson, Friday, May 19, to Sunday, May 28

The fifth annual 10-minute play festival features eight original scripts chosen from hundreds of blind submissions, vetted and curated to create an eclectic collection of comedies and dramas.

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