Desert Sage School

Desert Sage School, a public Charter Waldorf High School, is set to begin serving ninth- and 10th-grade students on Monday, Aug. 8, at 3434 E. Broadway, adjacent to the historic El Con Water Tower.  

The school is hosting an open house for prospective students and families from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, July 30. 

“This will a perfect opportunity for students to see the school, meet teachers, and try out our innovative programs,” said April Wiley, school president.  

“As we enroll our first 125 students, this midtown location, next to Randolph Park and close to Reid Park and the zoo, will be accessible to students from throughout the Tucson area, and offer resources for outdoor education and enrichment beyond the classroom. This is exactly what public Waldorf education envisions.”

According to Wiley, the school has been renovating the building with Waldorf education in mind. Central to this renovation is a grand mural, following the Tucson tradition, created by students.  

Students who have already enrolled have begun work on this mural, with opportunities for all incoming students to help create it when they enroll. The mural-in-progress is displayed at the school’s website,

Linda Biederman, one of the school’s founders, is coordinating the mural.  “We are thrilled with our student mural right on Braodway, adjacent to Reid Park, on a major bus line.  Waldorf High Schools emphasize art, access to open space, and diversity, equity and inclusion in all our programs. Our mission is to create an educational space that respects the dignity of every student, develops their academic and life skills, and inspires lifelong learning. This student-created mural is a first step to put this mission in action.”

Desert Sage School encourages interested students and families to come to the Saturday, July 30 Open House, 2-5 PM at the school, or visit the website, for information on enrolling.  As a public charter school, it is open to all students.  There are no admission tests or application fees. The school is a State and Federal non-profit organization, governed by local board of Tucsonans that reflects the diversity of Tucson.  Board meetings are open to the public via zoom.  The school will be led by three experienced local educators, including Venus Tyané Kuya, the school’s culture and engagement director; Sarah Bromer, pedagogical director; and David Wagner, administrative director.  All three can be contacted through the website, or by calling 520-365-3766.

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