"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," although worth a viewing, was a bit disappointing. As a fan of the original novel it is based on, I was looking forward to the film for months.

The storyline goes as follows. Abraham Lincoln as a boy (Benjamin Walker) witnesses the murder of his mother by a vampire. He makes it his mission to eliminate the vampire who killed his mother and, while he fails, he is saves by a man named Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper) who just happens to be a vampire.

Sturgess teaches Lincoln how to hunt them and destroy them successfully. Sturgess provides names and places and Lincoln kills them.

Soon, Lincoln meets Mary Todd(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and falls in love and starts considering giving up vampire hunting. He discovers a plot of the vampires led by the ruthless and cruel vampire Adam (Rufus Sewell) to take over America and make it their own.

Abraham Lincoln feels there is a better way to combat the vampires that does not put Mary or himself in danger. He decides to put away his ax and fight them with intellect and words.

Many things happen, one of them being an epic fight scene with a flaming train and lots of blood as well as a delivery of the Gettysburg Adress done so well by Mr. Walker that it very nearly brought tears to my eyes.

The films cinematography had the feel of a graphic novel come to life,especially when it came to the blood splatter and fight scenes. The fight scenes were expertly choreographed and fun to watch. The makeup was incredible, especially when it came to Mr. Walker's older Lincoln. The costumes were extravagant and were perfect down to the last detail and the acting of the leads were superb.

However, I felt that so much more could have been done with this film and what could have been an epic and thought provoking cult film was turned into a stylized gore fest. I definitely felt that the fight scenes and the blood took precedence over an actual storyline.

I sadly feel that this is one of the films that if you want to see it, wait until it goes to the $5 theaters or comes to DVD. It won't take that long.

Thanks,Rachael Goddard

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