Do you have an item of historical significance to the Town of Marana? Consider a gift to the Marana Heritage Conservancy, which seeks “items of historical interest,” according to a release.

Ranching, farming and the cotton industry are part of Marana’s heritage, and the conservancy seeks tools, branding irons, posters and pictures that could become part of historical exhibits. Of special interest are items from the 1960s, and before.

“Do you know where the flying horse from the Mobil gasoline station went? Do you have a story about a business that was in old town — before the freeway? Is there a family history you can share?” the release asked.

The late Ora Mae Harn, Marana’s former mayor and its historian before she died earlier this year, promoted the building of a museum to preserve Marana’s history. She founded the Marana Heritage Conservancy to continue her work. “Pioneering People on a Corridor of Change,” published by the Town of Marana and dedicated to Ora Mae this year, traces historical events in and around Marana and the Santa Cruz River. It is available through the Conservancy.

Members of the Marana Heritage Conservancy and volunteers meet each Thursday at the municipal complex exhibit room from 2 to 5 p.m. Work has begun to sort and catalog the material collected by Ora Mae Harn over the years.

“Bring us your memorabilia,” the release said.

For more information, call Joan Smith at 572-5601.

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