When the multinational cast of Up with People takes the stage at Fox Tucson Theatre in downtown Tucson on Saturday at 7 p.m., audience members should find something for every musical taste and interest.

Up with People’s all-new production is titled “A Song for the World,” which features the energy and talent of a cast and staff of 100 representing 20 countries. The live two-hour performance includes both original and popular music.

Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation is the beneficiary of the show, which is a dynamic blend of feature soloists, full cast production numbers, fast-moving choreography and colorful costumes.

“‘A Song for the World’ is really about possibility,” explained Up with People producer/director Eric Lentz. “Our goal is to leave our audiences with a sense of believing that each and every one of them has gifts and talents to share. Their song for the world – their ability or skill – may be healing the sick, building a home for the needy, teaching the young. By shining our spotlight on the people and organizations in Tucson and the great work they do, we hope to inspire our audience members to get out and share their gifts – get involved in their own unique way.”

Audience members will be taken on a musical tour around the world and back in time with special moments including “The Love Medley,” a collection of popular music and dancing moments from the last three decades on the theme of “boy meets girl.”

Throughout the show, international cast members will provide the audience with a glimpse of their own national traditions and cultures through music and dance with musical stops in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

 “The Sound of Peace” is a poignant moment when the Up with People cast will be joined on stage by children from Tucson to sing this ballad that ends with the lyric, “If you listen to our voices with your heart, you’ll hear the sound of peace.”

Several new cast numbers have been added to speak to young people in their style of music and dance. They include “Sing Your Song,” “One Person” and “Arm Yourself,” from music producer and UWP alumni Angel Cortes.

Tickets are $10 for general admission and are now on sale at Fox Tucson Theatre box office and online at www.upwithpeople.org/Tucson.

Up with People is presented by Second Saturdays Downtown.

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