One of the world’s most renowned directors is Steven Spielberg, the man behind such films as the “Indiana Jones” movies, “Jurassic Park,” “E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial,” “Schindler’s List,” and many others.

Now, he is currently gearing up for the release of his two latest films, both of which will hit theatres the same week.

The first of these two new movies is “The Adventures of Tintin” (Due out Dec. 21). The film is based off of the French comic-book series and centers around a young journalist who purchases a model ship named the “Unicorn,” during a white elephant sale. After buying the model, Tintin learns that it is the key to an age-old secret and sets off to discover the secret of the “Unicorn.”

Jaime Bell plays the titular character and Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis, and Cary Elwes also star.

The movie also marks the first collaboration between Spielberg and Pater Jackson (who directed the “Lord of the Rings” films as well as 2005’s “King Kong” remake.)

“I haven’t had a partner like this since George Lucas,” Spielberg said of the partnership in an Oct. 25 interview. “I’m the energetic kind of caffeinated director, even though I don’t drink caffeine. Peter is much more laid back and much more laconic and in a sense, that kind of contrast and energy, caused us to have such a great friendship during the making of Tintin.”

While Tintin does not mark Spielberg’s first endeavor in groundbreaking special effects, it does mark his first full-length animated film.  Spielberg says it was an enjoyable experience.

“I never had such control over medium as the medium of visual animation,” Spielberg said. “And, in that sense, I had more fun on this then I had since making E.T. I had more control over Tintin than I had over any of my other films because I did many more jobs, including help light all the sets, which I don’t usually do. Because this is animation, I can do things over again to get them to be better, or if to get them to meet my, you know, original vision of what they should look like so there’s something that didn’t quite work as well as I had hoped.  I can just go back in and do those works again.”

“The Adventures of Tintin” also marks another first for Spielberg: an in-depth experience with 3D technology.  Spielberg says that it felt like a natural fit due to the adventurous tone of the film.

“3D is very appropriate for Tintin because it’s this grand adventure, it goes 100 miles an hour.  And it is really a kind of an enhancement type of 3D.  I didn’t want to make 3D into a gimmick,” he said.

Unlike many directors in Hollywood today, Spielberg does not believe that 3D makes every film better. 

“Many of my colleagues like to see everything shot in 3D, from arts films, to love stories, to big special effects adventure movies, but I think 3D has a time and a place,” Spielberg said.  “I really love movies that are in 2D.  I would not want to see any of the great classics like Casablanca ever converted to 3D because I think the art form of 2D is a miracle”

The other Spielberg film set for release is “War Horse” (due out Dec.25).  According to Spielberg, the plot summary is as follows:

“This is a story of what a young boy does, and to what length this young boy will travel to rescue his horse, and attempt to bring his horse back.”

The film is based off the novel by Michael Morpurgo, which was later adapted into a stage production, and stars Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irvine.  

Spielberg’s daughter and wife are avid horseback riders, and he said he felt a personal connection to the script.

“We have 12 horses where we live, and I just fell in love with this play and with his book and thought, it would be a real gift for people to hear the story about the relationship of the boy named ‘Albert’ and his horse named ‘Joey,’” he said.

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