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Pam Davidson's award-winning paintings have been displayed at Oro Valley Town Hall and Tucson International Airport.

The Sun City Vistoso resident tries to create a unity between her paintings and their frames. Frames can be expensive. All too often, there's no relationship between a painting and its frame, often because the artist did the painting, but not the framing, she believes.

For Davidson, her art is about unity and relationships.

Davidson seeks out a beautiful frame at second-hand store or antique shop, one that's available for just a few dollars because it doesn't have any glass. She refinishes the frame and creates a painting especially for it.

She usually paints with acrylics, which dry fast, on a board that fits right into the frame. Like paintings in museums, there's no glass between the art and the person viewing it.

"I don't want to get rich from my art," she said. "All I want to do is feed my habit — and earn a trip to Chico's now and then."

Davidson earns her trips to Chico's by knowing her customers. Her imagery tends to be bold and colorful, with universal themes like flowers and landscapes. In addition to using recycled frames to reduce costs, she works fast. As a result, most of her paintings are less than $200, and some are as low as $25.

Davidson has several techniques for strengthening the unity between a painting and its frame. Many times, she creates an intricate dotted border around the outside of a painting, along the inside edge of the frame. The technique is effective, almost a trademark,

"They're starting to call me 'The Dot Lady,'" she said with a smile.

Her art represents a natural transition from 30 years of painting functional items such as furniture and architectural features like doorways.

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