Public Art

Oro Valley takes pride in community, and part of that is celebrating and respecting art. The variety of art throughout the community provides continued visual pleasure for residents and guests.

Honey Bee Village

The site of Honey Bee Village is a Hohokam ball court village located in Oro Valley. It was initially recorded by archaeologists from Pima Community College in 1978 and was acknowledged by the Arizona State Museum. Honey Bee Village was first settled near the start of the Hohokam cultural sequence, around A.D. 450, and was continuously occupied up to about A.D. 1250.

Located along Honey Bee Wash east of North Rancho Vistoso Boulevard and south of the Moore Road alignment, Honey Bee Village is the only remaining intact large Hohokam village site in Oro Valley. This large prehistoric village in the Cañada del Oro Valley is a strong linkage to Oro Valley’s past.

Steam Pump Ranch

Residents of the Santa Cruz Valley in Southern Arizona, generally perceive the Town of Oro Valley as a vigorous young community, but in reality, it has a real and deep history in this region. The Steam Pump Ranch, on North Oracle Road, represents a living piece of that history.

In 1874, two German immigrants – George Pusch and Johann Zellweger – arrived in Arizona and established the Steam Pump Ranch as an important way-station in the mercantile structure of the southern Arizona cattle industry and in the transportation corridor to Oracle and points north. The two entrepreneurial immigrants used a steam engine as the unique and state-of-the-art power to pump water from the shallow aquifer and to make it an oasis in the arid landscape of the region. This “Steam Pump” gave its name to the ranch itself.

Today the material remains of the Steam Pump Ranch stand mostly intact along the banks of the Cañada del Oro, in the shadow of Pusch Ridge and the Santa Catalina Mountains. The site is tucked away in the midst of a busy modern-commercial corridor along North Oracle Road, just north of First Avenue and La Reserve.

Oro Valley Marketplace

The region’s biggest shopping center, located on Oracle and Tangerine roads in Oro Valley. Some of the stores include Wal-Mart Century Theaters and much more.

Oro Valley Farmers Market

Every Saturday, find some of the region’s finest fresh produce, foods and more at Oro Valley Town Hall, located at 11000 N. La Cañada Dr.

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