The Pima Community College Northwest Campus is one of the fastest growing Arizona colleges due to its ever-expanding curriculum, flexible classroom hours, low tuition rates, and Northwest Tucson’s expanding population.

At $63.50 per credit hour for Arizona residents, about 6,000 students each semester enroll at the Northwest Campus, where students can choose from hundreds of courses, both in-class and online as they pursue their professional careers.

To compensate for its growing student base, the campus will soon see the new addition of a 48,000-square-foot Science Lab and Classroom Building to be completed in October.

In addition to its general education courses and growing science program, the Northwest Campus brings a full spectrum of recreational and cultural programs such as Therapeutic Massage, Clinical Research, Direct Care Professional, and Hotel and Restaurant Management.

The campus also runs a NASA Space Grant ASCEND program, designed to provide students with opportunities to investigate near-space phenomena.

The Northwest Campus is one of six Pima Community Colleges in Tucson, the other locations being the Downtown Campus, West Campus, Desert Vista Campus, Community Campus, and East Campus.

Campuses and Centers

Northwest Campus

• The Northwest Campus enrolls about 6,000 students annually. The Northwest Campus is located at 7600 N. Shannon Rd. For more information, visit the website at, or call (520) 206-2200.

Community Campus

• Pima’s virtual and distance education campus is available to students around the world, anytime. The Community Campus also provides credit classes and noncredit personal interest courses at sites throughout Pima County. The Community Campus is located at 401 N. Bonita in Tucson. For information, call (520) 206-3933.

West Campus

• The West Campus offers a full range of academic programs. Nursing and health-related professional programs, Digital Arts, and Visual and Performing Arts programs are housed here.  International Student Services and College athletics also are centered here. The West Campus is located at 2202 West Anklam Rd. in Tucson. For information, call (520) 206-3210.

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