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Voluntary home visits by experts can provide a measure of improved safety for homeowners.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the majority of fire deaths happen in the home. That’s why Drexel Heights Fire District offers a free home safety check program. These voluntary home visits offer an opportunity to check for fire safety issues and provide measures to improve the safety of residents while increasing fire safety awareness throughout the community.

Drexel Heights Fire District’s residential home safety check program is the chosen option to help residents prevent fires. The overall goal of the program is to reduce the number and severity of fires in the Drexel Heights community. The program offers the following at no charge to district residents: in home fire safety assessment, one smoke alarm installation, one carbon monoxide detector and one fire extinguisher with training.

Most homes older than 10 years have outdated smoke alarm detection devices. With the home safety check program, we include a newer device with updated technology. We not only install a smoke alarm but we review how to maintain the device which provides the ultimate life saving measure when it comes to house fires. A new carbon monoxide detector will help warn your family when those colorless and odorless dangers are lurking. The fire extinguishers included in the program are also brand new and we also provide instruction on how to use this product safely.

The district’s home safety check program would not be possible without the support from Pima County Community Development Block Grant and The Lauren Project grant. Any district resident is eligible to participate in this free service. To make an appointment for the program, please contact the Drexel Heights Administration Center at 883-4341.

The Drexel Heights Fire District Board meets on the third Friday of each month at 9 a.m. in the training classroom next to Station # 1, located at 5030 S. Camino Verde. The public is encouraged to attend. 

Tracy Koslowski is the Drexel Heights Fire District Public Education/Information Manager.

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