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The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Arizona closed in 33,000 as of Friday, June 12, with a jump of 1,654 new cases reported this morning, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. Pima County had 3,628 of the state's 32.918 confirmed cases.

Gov. Doug Ducey defended his plan to reopen the state Thursday, attributing concerns about the stark increase in the number of positive cases to misinformation and increased testing.

Employees and members of the public now have to wear masks when inside of Pima County facilities, including common areas, lobbies, elevators, and where physical distancing is not possible or there are no protective barriers.

After battling the Bighorn Fire on the slopes of the Catalina Mountains, fire crews will experience the highest temperatures yet today, at 107 degrees. This gusty and hot weather is one of the main reasons the Bighorn Fire is so difficult to manage; it has remained at 10 percent contained for multiple days and has grown almost a thousand acres every day since a lightning storm first ignited it on June 5.

According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, evacuation and preparation orders throughout the Catalina Foothills remain in place Friday, June 12.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone who lives outside of the Catalina Foothills region to avoid the area during the Bighorn Fire.

Cities were already grappling with the health and economic impact of COVID-19 when protests uncovered what one mayor Thursday called the “second pandemic” – a fractured police relationship with minority communities.

Beginning Tuesday, June 16, through Thursday, June 18, COVID-19 antibody testing will be initiated for correctional staff of the Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence through an onsite testing process.

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