Senior Fall

The Drexel Heights Fire District works with community partners to keep seniors educated falling and other household risks.

The Drexel Heights Fire District is celebrating its 12th annual Senior Safety Academy, a free program that includes specialized safety training for seniors, plus a closer look at the local fire department and the services it provides. Program participants will receive not only important information they will also receive free safety resources for their home.

Statistically, senior citizens 55 and older are at risk for home fires and falls. The Senior Safety Academy will provide education and free resources related to home fire safety and fall prevention to combat these issues. The district is very excited to offer such an engaging program for the senior residents of the community. 

Each academy session consists of a series of four classes. During the academy, participants will meet fire officials, learn about the history of the organization and receive a tour of one of the fire stations. A fire safety class covers topics such as smoke alarms, kitchen safety, heating your home and fire extinguishers. Participants will get to use a real home fire extinguisher. Another class is on fall prevention and will be taught by a member of the Pima Council On Aging. This fall proofing class will educate participants on how to improve their balance systems and how to prevent falls at home. The final class includes guest speakers from Pima County Sheriff’s Department on scams that target seniors and Pima Council on Aging talking about medication safety.

The classes are conducted over a single two-and-a-half hour session each week for four weeks. All of the classes will be located in the training facility next to DHFD Fire Station #401, at 5030 S. Camino Verde (Ajo and Camino Verde). There is no fee for the Senior Citizen Fire Academy, but a completed registration form is required to hold a participants spots. Registration forms can be picked up at Drexel Heights Fire District’s Administration Center at the same address or completed online at department’s website

For program questions call Drexel Heights Fire District at 883-4341. Upcoming academy dates are as follows Academy Session 2019-1 (Wednesdays 9-11:30am): Jan 9, 16, 23 and 30

Academy Session 2019-2 (Tuesdays 9-11:30am): Feb 5, 12, 19 and 26 

The Drexel Heights Fire District Board meets on the third Friday of each month at 9 a.m. in the training classroom next to Station # 1, located at 5030 S. Camino Verde. The public is encouraged to attend. All meetings are handicap accessible and with 10 days written notice, arrangements can be made for the hearing impaired. 

Tracy Koslowski is the Drexel Heights Fire District Public Education/Information Manager.

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