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New Villa Homes at Splendido check the boxes that make spending time at home comfortable: flexible floor plans, plenty of space, and lots of natural light.

Just about everyone has been spending a lot of time at home in recent months, staying safely inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t already taken a look around to see how your home might work better for you—or benefit from a refresh—now is the time.

“Whether people are working from home now or simply sheltering in place, we’re adjusting to a new way of living,” says Marisela Panzarella, the Designer/Move-In Coordinator at Splendido, an all-inclusive community in Oro Valley for those 55 and better. “As a designer, I see this as a wonderful opportunity for people to rethink the function of their space and whether their home still makes them happy.”

First, Declutter

Hitting “refresh” starts with getting rid of items you’re not using, or you don’t want any more— this not only gives you extra room, it provides a sense of order and peace. Marisela is an expert at helping people spaceplan or downsize before they move to Splendido, and she says “Everyone who downsizes before their move tells me they’re glad they did it. I hear things like, ‘I should have done this five years ago!’ I know it’s tough to go through, but it’s definitely worth it!”

Today, people moving into Splendido’s new Villa Homes don’t need to get rid of belongings. “The Villas are large enough that many who move into these gorgeous new homes will be able to fit most or all of their furniture,” says Marisela. “It’s a question of taking advantage of the move to update and refresh their décor.”

Transform Your Spaces

Marisela especially enjoys encouraging people moving to Splendido to rethink their furniture and artwork, and embrace new looks that suit their personal style. In a similar vein, she encourages everyone to consider ways to transform their homes to support their current lifestyle. “Don’t be afraid to repurpose your rooms,” she says. “If you won’t be entertaining for a while, think about turning your guest room into a gym or your dining room into a craft room.”

Maybe you select a quiet area of your home and use it for meditation or yoga. “Our Villa Homes provide a lot of flexibility for utilizing the space,” says Marisela. “Having so much space helps, but anyone can get creative and transform a corner of a room to make it functional and attractive.”

Let There Be Light

Having adequate lighting can set a mood (and reduce stress), boost your energy level, and ease eye strain. “Lighting is an essential part of décor, but it’s never been more crucial as people are staying home and are doing things that require a lot more task lighting,” says Marisela.

However, as evening rolls around, dimming lights signals a change of pace, helps you relax and gets your body and mind ready for bedtime. “Our new Villa Homes are flooded with natural light, which is wonderful for boosting your mood,” says Marisela. “And all have dimmer switches on overhead lights; some of the smart homes allow you to adjust lighting with a voice command.”

Whether you’re staying put or considering a move to a new home, this is the ideal time to take a look at your space with fresh eyes and make changes that will make you happy. “It’s easy to forget how easy and fun it can be to change up your décor,” says Marisela.

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