Researchers at the ASU Biodesign Institute must wear protective gear when working with COVID-19 test samples. (Photo courtesy of the ASU Biodesign Institute)


ICYMI, here are the stories we covered for you today.

  • The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Arizona climbed reached 105,000 as of Tuesday, July 7, after the state reported 3,653 new cases this morning, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.
  • Today Pima County government announced they contracted Maximus Health & Services, Inc. to boost contact tracing efforts in the region.
  • As the number of Arizonans who have contracted COVID-19 has raced past 100,000, testing for the novel coronavirus that causes the respiratory disease has become a priority.
  • In late June, after three months of near silence on the topic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally weighed in on a question of critical importance to millions of American women and families: How dangerous is the coronavirus for pregnant women and new mothers?
  • With COVID-19 cases spreading wildly in the community, the Amphitheater School District is joining TUSD and Sunnyside School District in launching online-only classes to start the school year.
  • After a prolonged government shutdown cut into their revenues in 2019, business owners around the Grand Canyon National Park said 2020 appeared to be on track to being a bounceback year for them.
  • The news that gyms would be shut down as part of Gov. Doug Ducey’s latest executive order to slow the spread of COVID-19 has blindsided those who work in the fitness industry.
  • A new study led by University of Arizona researchers examines a variety of “nontraditional mask materials” and their ability to protect wearers.

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