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Too Soon

In his letter “Thanks, Ducey” (March 31), John Spitler is jubilant about Gov. Ducey’s irresponsible lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and says “we now have choices.”  

When a deadly virus is still spreading and we are so close to getting a handle on it, this is not the time to leave the outcome to individuals’ choices. Many will not make the right choice. Many, like Mr. Spitler, will continue to thumb their nose at science and health experts. (Note his shot at Dr. Fauci.) Loss of liberty and freedom? Please.  

Yes, we were all inconvenienced and sad to have our usual lifestyle curtailed. Maybe Mr. Spitler has never watched the documentary films showing what the people of Europe and Russia suffered and sacrificed during World War II. His loss of freedom and liberty seems silly in comparison, a very small loss to endure to end a horrible virus that is taking the lives of our friends and neighbors. Spoiled and impatient Americans, tired of being inconvenienced, and a governor who is bowing to political pressure are willing to allow this virus to continue to spread with little thought of the ensuing sickness, death or the danger to healthcare and other frontline workers.

How selfish! This is not about freedom. It is about being a responsible citizen and caring about others and doing your part to end this virus. We are so close to getting a handle on this, it is so incredibly irresponsible to lift mitigation measures now and act like we are in the clear.  

As rising cases across the country show, the virus is not done with us.

Deb Klumpp, Oro Valley Resident


Masked Feelings

I feel it should be up to the people if they want to wear masks.

And if it’s not a law, how can they give a ticket? They can’t. That’s why it will be a warning.

People wore masks and there were more people getting coronavirus than when we didn’t wear masks. That was proven.

Now you should worry about the people dying who’ve taken the shot and not proud of the lives you’re saving by giving billions of shots, because you have no idea how many will die in years to come from side effects.

Mary Benson, Tucson


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