The Arizona State Legislature’s 2012 session was a major success by any measure. The $8.6 billion general fund budget is $3 billion below the $11.6 general fund budget of 2009. Unlike California, Arizona can bring spending under control and put our people back to work. Thanks to our efforts over the past four years, Arizona now ranks in the top 10 states regarding a favorable business atmosphere, excellent conditions for business start-ups and for overall job growth. All trucking and mining companies are hiring. At Pima Community College, for $3,000 in tuition to pay for a three-week course, one can earn a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and start earning $36,000 a year, before overtime.  Some trucking companies will provide this training free of charge in return for a commitment to work for a specific period of time. There are over 1,000 mining industry job openings throughout Arizona, including IT, electrician, welding, secretarial, etc. Enterprise Car Rental, Edward Jones stock brokerage and USAA insurance are just a few examples of employers who are constantly recruiting and hiring college graduates. The Union Pacific Rail Road and Pinal Air Park are looking for new employees.        

Every family in America knows the importance of a balanced budget. A fundamental fact of life is one should not spend more than one takes in, whether it is a family, private company or a level of government (town, city, county, state or federal government).  The citizens of Arizona can be proud that the current state budget, the one just approved, and budgets through 2015 are balanced. We now have a $450 million rainy day fund that will help Arizona raise our state’s credit rating and attract additional businesses to our state.  The Democratic caucus had a budget that was rather close to the dollar amount of the final budget and there were negotiations between the Republican and Democratic legislative leadership teams.

I am Chairman of the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee, which met every week that committees met this session.  On average, two Arizona employers made presentations at each meeting, highlighting current and future employment opportunities in Arizona. I am Vice Chair of the Economic Development & Jobs Creation Committee, which is chaired by Sen. Michele Reagan. The two committees are sister committees and essentially do the same work.  Sen. Reagan serves on my Commerce and Energy Committee. Please refer to for details of the 2012 legislative session. Please refer to to see how we can increase the amount of private land in Arizona to raise more money for education. Please refer to to see how we can raise an extra $100 million a year, for 50 years, for education over and above what is being spent now, which averages $9,000 per student in the K-12 public education system.    

We are a center right country and state, based on Judeo- Christian values. The majority wants job growth through balanced budgets, smaller government, less taxes and fewer onerous regulations. The left is trying to create class, race, sexual preference and religious rights warfare as a distraction to the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration over the last four years. We need to put our country back to work like we are doing here in Arizona, by helping our current businesses and attracting new ones from California and other states that have anti- business and high tax policies. Arizona is well on its way to strong economic recovery. National economic recovery will start on Nov 6, 2012 with historic Republican wins at all levels of government in all 50 states.

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