Tirion Morris

Web editor Tirion Morris spent some time back in Colorado before Tucson Local Media takes over her professional life.

Summer may not be the traditional time of year to celebrate new beginnings (probably because nothing grows when it’s 108 degrees out on a good day), but we’ve got plenty to be happy about around the Tucson Local Media offices. 

First and foremost, we are happy to announce the addition of our very own web editor, Tirion Morris. Regular readers may remember her name from last fall, when she was one of our stellar interns from the University of Arizona. (She impressed us so much, we just had to hire her.) In her new role, Tirion will be in charge of all things Tucson Local Media on the internet: Our websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, various contests and giveaways. And she’ll help us handle some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing six newspapers. Welcome to the family!

And like Tirion before them, we have recently added seven fresh-faced interns into the mix: Dalal Radwan, Maria Angulo, Tori Tom, Marissa Ryan, Dylan Reynolds, Ava Garcia and Kathleen B. Kunz. While they may still be figuring out their own journeys in the wide, wide world of journalism, each has already proven themselves to be welcomed additions to our small, yet mighty newsroom.

Even these words are part of a new beginning; we are introducing the Editor’s Note into the Explorer and Marana News papers. This new section comes in response to many in the community asking why my own voice has begun to diminish in print (being an editor is busy work), and gives me a chance to say hi every week—even if I’m not writing a story. While most of what will comprise the Editor’s Note will be small updates from the community and my own reflections, I’ll steer away from sharing my opinion on matters Tucson Local Media papers are covering.

To put it simply: Since I’m overseeing the paper’s reporting, I don’t want readers believing that my opinion is shaping the angle on our stories. Consider us the Associated Press of Oro Valley, Marana and other communities here in the northwestern metro area: No gimmicks, just news.

In this week’s edition, the crew tackles a wide variety of stories as we tip-toe past the deadline for filing in the upcoming August primary election. Last week I sat down with Oro Valley’s final challenger; this week, Danyelle Khmara breaks down the race in Marana before the both of us kick into full gear in the coming weeks. Danyelle also caught up with the town’s most recent financial update (and it’s all good news). It was a busy week for Jeff Gardner, who aside from his killer cultural writing in our sister paper, Tucson Weekly, learned about the impact of tariffs on our beloved local breweries. Elsewhere, Jeff shed some more light on why Nakoma Sky cancelled its massive project in Oro Valley. Over in sports and recreation, Christopher Boan shares where some local players ended up in this year’s Major League Baseball draft. (Did you know there are 40 rounds to that thing?) Boan also continues his State of the Program series with Mountain View High School’s football squad, and tells the story of a well-performing soccer team based in Oro Valley. The interns show up, too, as does our favorite freelancer, Emily Dieckman.

Wondering where the news on Oro Valley’s new budget is? Pick up next week’s paper; I’ll be sitting down with the town’s finance director to better understand the numbers.

Get to reading, already!

—Logan Burtch-Buus, Managing Editor

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