The elephant herd at Reid Park Zoo knew how to celebrate when snow began to fall in Tucson earlier today. While most animals at the Zoo stayed cozy in their heated night houses during today's brief flurry, the elephant herd chose to stay out and play! Elephant calf Penzi had a blast watching the snow and rolling around in the slushy mud with her sister, Nandi.

"A weather event can always be exciting for the elephants, but a first snow is always special for a baby elephant," said Dr. Sue Tygielski, Director of Zoological Operations. "Penzi took the snowflakes as a cue to play in the stream and slip and slide in the mud. Even her older sister, Nandi, could not resist a roll in the mud on a snowy day!"

Keep up with the herd's day to day activities on the Reid Park Zoo Cams

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