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Joshua Thomas Chlopowicz

Joshua Thomas Chlopowicz, age 40, of Tucson, Arizona passed away on Thursday, July 15, 2021. Joshua was born January 12, 1981.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Chlopowicz family.


Joshua Thomas Chlopowicz was born on January 12, 1981 in Tucson, AZ. He was welcomed into this world by his Mother, Laurie Chlopowicz and his Father, Roy Chlopowicz.

Joshua has a younger brother and sister, Jesse and Jaycee.

Joshua started school at Davidson Elementary. He attended Middle School at Safford middle school. He then became a proud Badger at Tucson High School.

Josh was an extremely talented pitcher and earned a scholarship to El Paso Community College.

After pitching at El Paso Community College he returned home with his family in Tucson, Arizona.

Josh held numerous occupations and was an extremely dependable worker. His first occupation was at Dairy Queen. His family would love when he got off work and brought

Dairy Queen blizzards home for them. He was employed with Guess clothing and Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort. Josh met his best friend, Joe Hood, at Lowes Ventana


Josh then began working with Roy and Jesse at Plumb-It, a small family owned manufacturing company. Josh enjoyed the small family oriented company and invited Joe to

work at Plumb-It. Working with his best friend and family was a true blessing. Josh continued to grow within the company and became the manager of the company, eventually

running the business.

Joshua was a natural talent at anything he did, from sports to drawing to writing music to cliff jumping. He loved sports and was amazing at everything he played. He played

baseball his entire life and brought laughter and joy to every team he joined. Josh was someone you always wanted on your team, he would do anything and everything for his

team mates. When he was not pulling pranks on people, he would make sure everyone was ready to play. Whatever the team needed, Josh would fill that spot and excel at it. If

you needed a Pitcher to pitch 2 full games, back to back, call Josh. If you needed someone to catch a full game, call Josh. If your arm hurt and needed relief, call Josh, he would

have a remedy for it. If you needed a laugh or someone to be with without judgment, call Josh. If you needed a place to stay without questions, call Josh. If you needed advice

on Fantasy football, call Josh.

Joshua's siblings thought the world of him. Josh would do anything and everything for Jesse and Jaycee.

Josh and Jesse were extremely competitive in everything they did. Josh and Jesse did everything together growing up. Josh was Jesse's leader. Anything Josh did, his younger

brother Jesse wanted to be there with him. If Josh and his father Roy were playing baseball, Jesse would want to be out there with them. Jesse enjoyed everything about Josh.

Jesse took extreme pride and honor serving as Josh's shortstop, trying his hardest to make him proud. Jesse enjoyed going on motorcycle rides with Josh. Josh was Jesse's idol

and learned everything from him. Josh was Jesse's "rock." Jesse learned about life through Josh's teachings. Josh taught Jesse all of his life skills from throwing a fastball to

jumping off cliffs, driving a Mustang, to using a smoker and grilling, Jesse loves Josh with all of his heart and is extremely lonely and lost without his idol and leader.

Jaycee was Josh's innocent little gem of a sister. Josh was definitely Jaycee's protector and would do anything and everything for her; he protected her from the monsters in

her closet at age 4 to the real monsters in this world at age 27. Anytime Jaycee needed anything, she would call Josh and look for real life advice without judgement. Josh was

also Jaycee's "rock" and was her best friend; he saved her in more ways than he'll ever know. Jaycee enjoyed attending Josh's Baseball games and was his biggest fan. Jaycee

would walk past Josh's dugout and give him motivational support and yell "Michael Myers" - Josh's favorite fictional character. Josh introduced Jaycee to so many of life's experiences.

Jaycee was blessed enough to grow closer to Josh with each year; to be able to spend 10 hours every Sunday with him watching the Packers and seeing Josh show off

his newest gadgets. Jaycee also loves Josh with all of her heart and is extremely lonely and lost without him.

Josh was also Laurie's caretaker and protector. Laurie enjoyed everything about Josh, from his poetry, to his baseball games, to his daily phone calls, to his fantasy football

games, to his new and exciting food discoveries. Josh was definitely a bright light in Laurie's life. The communication and the honesty in the conversations held between Laurie

and Josh was something to be desired. The life support Laurie provided Josh through his life was astronomical and unparalleled. Josh was also Laurie's "rock" and her confidant.

The motherly love provided by Laurie is something cant be described by words. Her every being was given to Josh. Laurie loves Josh with all of her heart and is also extremely

lonely and lost without him.

Roy taught Josh everything he knew. Josh was Roy's first born son. Roy taught Josh at three years old, how to ride an ATV. Roy spent his every minute teaching, playing,

talking, guiding, mentoring, pitching, running and laughing with Josh. Roy enjoyed taking Josh on motorcycle rides when he was young. Roy enjoyed watching Josh jump off

roofs, play baseball, hit home runs and pitch. The talks and guidance Roy provided Josh before and after his games were invaluable. Roy invested everything he had into Josh

with his every fiber. Roy watched Josh grow into a protector of his siblings. Roy enjoyed having the ability and blessing of working with Josh at Plumb-IT. He watched Josh

rise to a leader of the company, with all the employees depending on Josh. Josh's dependably made Roy extremely proud. Josh had the natural ability of making Roy laugh at all

times, sometimes unintentionally. Words cannot express the pain Roy is experiencing without Josh.

Josh also leaves behind a daughter, Leilanna, who he was so grateful to have finally begin his journey with. We want her to know he will always be there for her, even if she

can't see him.

Lastly, Sadie Bug, his dog, his best friend, his rock. She brought out the best in Josh and helped him become the caring man he was. Sadie was the luckiest dog in this world

to have him - he would get her monthly BarkBoxes and wait until he could have both Sadie and Charlie open it. You should've seen the excitement and happiness it brought to

his face.

Josh died peacefully on 07/15/2021. The world is not the same without Josh. Josh was extremely loved and treated everyone like family and brought joy and laughter with

him everywhere he went. He will be missed by everyone who had the blessing of crossing paths with Josh.

Josh, life will never be the same without you. We love and miss you more than you'll ever know.

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