Offering services for the last 19 years, Budget Blinds owners Larry and Helen Burger have worked to establish a positive reputation by providing high quality, stylish window coverings.

The couple bought their own franchise of Budget Blinds in 1994. Their neighbors, at the time, owned a Budget Blinds franchise and eventually talked the Burger’s into obtaining their own. 

“He started out by helping out with the neighbor’s business,” said Stacey Burger, daughter-in-law of Helen. “They (neighbors) left and said ‘here’s the key to the house, the key to the van - get all the phone calls and if the clients can’t wait, go out and do a sale. He went out, did it and loved it.”

Not long after, the Burger’s bought their own franchise. They eventually expanded out from their home office into an office building. Now they are located on 470 W. Roger Road. Although they are further south, Helen Burger says that most of their long-standing clientele live in the northwest area.

Budget Blinds provides services in window coverings such as blinds, shutters, shades, curtains, window film and screens. The store’s products come from 22 different brand industries, all of which Budget Blinds has formed long-lasting relationships with throughout the years.

“I think what sets us apart from other places is that our quality surpasses a lot of other places,” said Stacey. “We have good warranties and can sell our products for better prices.”

Budget Blinds is a Home Franchise Concepts brand that was started by five entrepreneurs in 1992 and has grown to having more than 1,000 consultants throughout Canada and the U.S. Budget Blinds in Tucson not only replaces window coverings but repairs them as well. They offer in-home consultations by knowledgeable consultants who specialize in installation and are experts in what they do.

“We are part of a bigger corporation and that helps us, but what Helen and her husband bring to this business is experience,” said Stacey. “They have a wealth of knowledge and it’s the fact that we have such a repeat and word-of-mouth customers so they know the owners.”

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