The giant (three-story) Tiki head from the closed Magic Carpet Golf property in Tucson is being unveiled at its new home, The Hut, on Fourth Avenue this Saturday, Aug. 29.

The main event at the night spot begins at nightfall, about 7:50 p.m. From 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., a total of 18 bands are performing on three stages.

The Tiki stone face is the creation of the late Lee Koplin of miniature golf fame. It was fabricated by Mike Kautza, who worked for Koplin almost 40 years ago.

Engineering, planning, crane removal, trucking, and the artistic design and creation of a totally new base have taken more than 18 months, along with "Save The Tiki" fundraising to finance the complicated process, a release said.

The entirely new artistic part of the base of the three-story sculpture was designed and fabricated by Amado artist Tom Prevatt, with considerable help.

 "Now the tallest structure on Fourth Avenue, it is sure to become a tourist magnet in the future," a release said.

One of the largest international Tiki conventions ( was held recently in San Diego, and two of the convention's bands are headlining The Hut dedication. Flam Chen, an internationally known Tucson-based pyrotechnic theater troupe, along with Chaz Cadaver and the music group The Mission Creeps are creating "a unique presentation unlike any seen before," a release said.

The Hut is located at 305 N. 4th Ave. There is a cover charge of $15, and visitors must be over 21. "This charge is to help recover the substantial expenses for the Tiki's relocation and resurrection of downtown Tucson's newest icon," the release said.

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