TODAY nationwide Baskin-Robbins is kicking off their “Guest Appreciations Days”. From today, April 23 through April 25 is thanking guests by offering super sweet deals on a number of signature menu items.

- The line-up of sweet deals include:

- $1.00 for a Regular Soft Serve Cone (6 oz)

- $2.00 for a Double Scoop Cone (8 oz)

- $2.00 for a Small Soft Serve 31° Below® (12 oz)

- $3.00 for a Two-Scoop Classic Sundae (5 oz)

- $3.00 for a Small Cappuccino Blast® (16 oz)

- $3.00 for a Small Milkshake (16 oz)

In addition to the super sweet deals, Baskin-Robbins will also be kicking off a month-long fundraising program to benefit local non-profit organizations throughout the country. Guests will be invited to donate $1.00 to The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation (DDBRCF), which will direct all proceeds to local and national non-profit organizations that support efforts to provide food for the hungry, improve safety and positively impact children's health. Guests who make an in-shop donation will receive a paper icon to personalize and showcase on the walls of their neighborhood Baskin-Robbins shop and will also receive five coupons to be used in-store throughout the summer.

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