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The Post includes both open and private office areas for local business people.

growing trend in business that brings community to the office space is coming to northwest Tucson. The Post Workspaces is a coworking area designed to house multiple local businesses and entrepreneurs in an 8,500-square-foot facility, and is set to open at the beginning of March.

The idea for a coworking space formed out of frustration. The Post founder and CEO Daniel Wesson was tired of commuting downtown to his one-person office as a realtor. He felt he was wasting time commuting to an office that ultimately cut him off from seeing and working with other creative professionals. 

“If you don’t have a community, you just have office space, and there’s nothing exciting about that,” Wesson said. 

Wesson and his partner Chelle Peterson, director of community operations for The Post, saw a need for a coworking space in northern Tucson and Oro Valley. To build The Post, they started identifying some of the best aspects of other coworking spaces nationally. This resulted in traveling coast to coast to discover best coworking practices in California, Washington D.C., Texas and more. 

“One of the big things we saw in major markets, is that everyone is talking about ‘activating their building.’ There are many, many benefits to having a coworking space in a building,” Wesson said. “We picked the best features out of all these communities and plugged them in here.”

The Post includes fiber internet, sound-proofed office suites, meeting rooms, Cartel coffee, a concierge to greet guests, booths for private phone calls and more. 

“It’s about the experience we can provide,” Peterson said. “It’s not your average, mundane office.”

Services at The Post range from a standard coworking membership, which includes access to their internet, lounge area, copier/printer for $195/month. Larger packages for individuals include having a dedicated desk and health care. Beyond coworking spaces, The Post also offers private office areas designed for teams of two to four people. 

“While our amenities are awesome, I think what’s really going to set us apart is our service,” Wesson said.  “If I’m doing business, I want to have fun, so that is definitely going to be an element here.” 

The Post can also be used as a “virtual office” for business professionals, allowing mail service, a local phone number and personalized phone answering.

The Post’s location, at 7400 N. Oracle Road, Ste. 150, was a natural fit not only because Wesson has worked as the building’s broker for 20 years, but because it’s just off the intersection of West Ina and North Oracle roads, one of the busiest intersections in Tucson. Wesson estimates the The Post, located at the Northwest Corporate Center, can have more than a five-mile draw for those interested in using the space. 

“I thought it would be more geared toward real estate, but for the people who are already signed up, it’s been a big mix,” Wesson said. “We’ve got entrepreneurs doing digital marketing, attorneys, insurance, real estate and software development.” 

Wesson said one of the biggest challenges in starting The Post is selling locals on what exactly a dedicated “coworking space” is. While a few such spaces operate around the downtown area, most notably the recently closed Connect Coworking across from Hotel Congress, he feels the concept hasn’t spread too far toward Oro Valley yet. 

“Outside of the downtown and U of A folks, in general, Tucson might not know much about coworking spaces,” Wesson said. “So that’s definitely going to be an educational process.” 

Ultimately, Peterson and Wesson are aiming to create a location that can be used as both a private workspace and a communal networking facility, depending on how local business people use it. 

“I’m extremely excited about it,” said Dave Perry, President & CEO of the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce. “Here we are at one of the busiest intersections in all of Tucson, at Ina and Oracle, and here come these people with a vision and a great idea to create a lower-cost, more convenient, flexible workspace right in the heart of where things are happening… Whenever I talk about it, people are really enthused, because the trend is toward creating these spaces for self-employed or entrepreneurial businesses, and they’re filling that demand.”

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