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Chef Suzana Davila at Cafe Poca Cosa.

After 35 years in business, Tucson's beloved Cafe Poca Cosa announces plans to close due to coronavirus concerns and the corresponding economic downturn of Tucson's service industry. 

Owner Suzana Davila said after giving her "heart and soul" to Cafe Poca Cosa over the years, she is choosing to shut her restaurant down after experiencing "many months of great anxiety" because of the pandemic's impact on the cost of operating an eating establishment with limited occupancy.

“Clearly, this is not how I imagined my business would culminate. I always envisioned passing the business on to my hardworking children who have been actively involved in the business for many years”, said Davila. “The continued threat of Covid to the restaurant and hospitality industry is ever-present.  With fixed costs of doing business and rising food costs, along with restrictive seating limits, we just do not see a profitable way of continuing."

Originally located in a small space at Scott Avenue And Congress Street, Cafe Poca Cosa earned a name for itself serving fantastic Mexican culinary wonders that became a destination for foodies from around the world.  Davilla, with her sisters Marcela and Sandra, helped put Tucson on the culinary map long before UNESCO came calling.

"I feel incredibly privileged to have been part of our wonderful downtown for all these years," Davilla said.  "I would like to thank the people of Tucson for all the goodwill and assistance they have provided over the years."

Cafe Poca Cosa's sister restaurant, The Little One, remains open as a grab-and-go market with limited outdoor seating. 

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