DSW to reopen at Marketplace
J.D. Fitzgerald/Special to the Explorer, Javiér Chon-López walks past the DSW Shoes store in Oro Valley Marketplace, which closed in November and is now slated to re-open Jan. 4.

After liquidating its stock and shuttering the operation, DSW Shoes plans to reopen in the Oro Valley Marketplace in early 2010.

The shoe megastore closed the doors of its Northwest outlet in late November but now intends to open in the same location on Jan. 4, said David Malin, senior project manager for Vestar, the development firm that owns the shopping center.

Malin said DSW would operate under the same lease agreement it had before closing. He added that despite the closure in November, the company's lease was never nullified.

"They always had a lease with us," Malin said.

DSW's media-relations department did not return calls requesting comment on the reopening plans.

DSW has 306 stores in 39 states and 10,000 employees. A company news release from 2008 said DSW had plans to open 35 new stores that year.

The fate of another company with plans to open at the Oro Valley Marketplace has been the focus of much speculation in recent months.

In-N-Out Burger, the California-based fast food restaurant that already has made three forays into the Southern Arizona market, last week closed a deal to purchase land at the marketplace to open an Oro Valley restaurant, Malin said.

"They are so eager to get into Oro Valley that they wanted to move its date up," Malin said.

The original closing date for the deal was scheduled for mid-January, Malin said.

The company intends to begin construction in 2010, according to Amanda Jacobs, Oro Valley economic development coordinator.

A company representative with In-N-Out Burger could not confirm an estimated date for the restaurant opening, but said the firm is excited about coming to Oro Valley.

Malin said that in addition to DSW's return and the deal with In-N-Out, three new restaurants have plans to open in the marketplace.

Two restaurants, Harvest Moon and San Carlos Grill, plan to open near the movie theater. Another, The Keg Steakhouse and Bar, intends to open in the shopping center as well, he said.

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