Looking to open its second store, La Bella A Consignment Boutique offers its customers a wide array of uniquely designed items.

The consignment boutique, which includes high-end clothing, accessories, footwear, purses, jewelry and more, is specifically tailored to women. Clothing sizes range from zero to 5X and are always in excellent condition. Owner Michele Lafayette opened the store in November 2010 with the hopes of giving women an affordable, new and fun way to shop for items.

“I knew this business would do great,” said Lafayette. “I make it easy to do business with us.”

Most consignment items are accepted if they are in excellent condition and not in high demand. Lafayette advises customers to bring in their clothing and footwear items during the appropriate fall, winter, spring and summer seasons. Their goal, as a business, is to help consigners sell their items for the best price in order to make the best profit.

Items are taken for 60 days. If sold, there is a 50/50 score credit split or a 60/40 cash return. In order to make things run smoothly at La Bella, Lafayette purchased state of the art consignment software that allows her clients to view their accounts from home. If an item is not sold in 60 days, La Bella will donate the item to the Assistance League of Tucson. The consigner will then receive a tax receipt. 

La Bella currently has 3,000 consigners and is continually growing. Lafayette attributes the continued growth to her regular clients and dedicated employees.

“I have been honestly just so lucky – I really have,” said Lafayette. “I have people who have known me for seven or eight years. We know them at a different level and we try to take really good care of our clients.”

Lafayette is currently completing the final negotiations for her second store, which is expected to open in August of this year. The store will be located at East Grant and North Swan Roads.

“It’s very exciting,” said Lafayette, who adds that the store will be a replica of her Oro Valley store. “This business model works very well for me, which is just sticking to women and trying to get higher end items.”

Aside from selling items within the store, Lafayette makes an effort to give back to the community through participating in fashion shows, charities and giving donations.

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