Selling high quality, resale furnishings in a 6,000-square-foot space, Artiques offers buyers a unique assortment of mid to high-end merchandise.

Artiques business runs off of consignments brought in by individuals, select dealers or estates. All of the merchandise must be in good working order and clean. The store offers a wide selection of original artwork, furniture, home décor, jewelry, garden and architectural elements and more. Every day new items are put on the sales floor – a change that regular customers like to see upon walking into the store.

“We arrange it like it would be in the home,” said owner Suzanne Fauber. “We want the items to be interesting or unique.”

With ample experience in the auction and estate business, Fauber left Washington D.C. and moved to Tucson where she opened Artiques in September 2012. Fauber wanted to partner with sellers and in doing so set up a business that was solely based off consignments. Once an item is consigned, Artiques attempts to sell it. When the merchandise is sold, the seller and store split the proceeds in half.

If an item is not sold, sellers have the option of having their items sent to the estate sales room. Artiques is using a 2,000-square-foot room in the back of the plaza to sell additional items that may not sell as well in the main store. 

“Some things sell better in different environments,” said Fauber. “I’d go out to people’s homes and they’d want me to take everything. I couldn’t take some of it, because they were generic things or some of the things were too big.”

Estate sales are held once a month. The sale lasts for two days and is always on a Thursday and a Friday – no weekends. Over time, if an item is not sold, Artiques will donate them.

“We have created a business, which I’m very proud of in the sense that it’s created a sense of community,” Fauber said. “It’s a warm, friendly place.”

In the future, Fauber hopes to hold a collector’s series auction, which would be for individuals who have over-the-top collections that could be marketed around the world. Fauber says a person with an over the top collection could hold as many as 500 items. Buyers could come in person to the auction or see the items online where they could bid.

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