A well-lit show floor shows off the variety of antiques available at Artiques.

Tucson’s newest consignment store, Artiques, offers customers the chance to travel the world from one room. 

Owner Suzanne Fauber saw an opening in Tucson for a store selling mid to high-end consigned goods that may be too nice for many thrift shops. Last June she quit her job at an auction house in Washington, D.C. and moved to Southern Arizona to start a new chapter. 

Fauber chose the name Artiques, not antiques, to convey that her store is more than just the typical antique shop. She wanted to have a “sense of style” and art in what the store offers. 

“Everything has a sense of art to it whether it be a chair or a pillow,” said Fauber.

Inside, it is spacious and well lit, not dark and musty like a typical consignment shop. But still, it manages to hold a surprising amount of items. The store carries everything from paintings, to furniture, pottery, and jewelry, but no clothes. 

“It’s not unusual to have somebody spend an hour, hour and a half walking around. 

“Some people have compared it to walking around a museum with all the art and different cultures,” Fauber said. “I counted the other day, I have seven living rooms.” 

Since its opening in September, Fauber said business has grown quickly with about 50 new visitors per day.

Two antique dealers browsing the store felt that it offered everything they were looking for and more.

“We are looking for eclectic, special items and this is the place to come,” said Luke Steward. 

“This is actually a wonderful consignment shop,” said Dale Roop. “The layout is very nice and the merchandise is reasonably priced and also very decorative and very nice. Suzanne really knows antiques and merchandise,” he said.  

Antiques and art have always been a part of Fauber’s life. When she was younger her mother used to take her antiquing. In college she majored in sculpting, and received a Masters Degree in architecture.

“Everything was about design. I’ve always led a good visual life, I love color,” she said.

Though Fauber has always liked antiques, she finds them especially interesting when she gets to hear the stories behind them. For her the stories give “a soul quality to the object.” 

Fauber fell in love with Tucson within a few steps off the plane on her first visit here in 1990. Since her move, she sees Tucson as her new permanent home along with Scout, her golden retriever who goes to work with her everyday. 

“We try to have a happy atmosphere. Everyday is kind of fun for me because I never know who is going to show up at the door,” she said. 

The store is located at 6032 N. Oracle Rd. It is open Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. with new hours starting in 2013.

Learn more about Ariiques at or at 297-1774.

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