Foothills Mall

A book sale will be held at the Foothills Mall to support the BNC scholarship recipient.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

The Tucson Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee (BNC) will put on a used book sale at the Foothills Mall for the purpose of supporting Coco Victoria Gomez Tirambulo, this year’s Brandeis University scholarship recipient.

The book sale is from Jan. 18 through Jan. 27, and will be open during mall hours. Tucson BNC will sell used book at low prices.  Heading up the books sale is Meg Sivitz, who says the Tucson BNC does this because it’s a community service.

“We are all about books and doing community service here,” said Sivitz. “We are recycling good books and sending a student to a great university.”

Brandeis University is a research and liberal arts university in Waltham, Mass.

Tirambulo is from St. Gregory High School and entering Brandeis University as a freshman.  She was heavily involved in high school, serving as a captain on the science Olympiad team, girl’s golf team and as student body president.  Coco also won third place in a photography competition and has volunteered to photograph events in the past.

“She is a super sweet girl,” said Sivitz. “You can tell she’s a very good student and she’s even a first generation American.  Her family is from the Philippines and her parents wanted this for her.”

Tirambulo’s Filipino heritage and traditions did not leave once her family came to the United States.   She is currently working on a project to improve how people in the Philippines do laundry, because of the lack of clean water. She also recently became a part of the Brandeis Asian American Student Association.

Sivitz said it is because of dedicated students like Tirambulo and the open admittance policy of Brandeis that she is a part of Tucson BNC.

“The university is based on education, and financial aid is considered after a person is accepted. My granddaughter went to Brandeis and then went on to Pennsylvania Law School.  She got a great education,” said Sivitz. “We are also doing this book sale because we wanted to give something back to Tucson.” 

For more information on the Tucson BNC, visit the website at

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