While it may be true that nobody enjoys going to the doctor, patients of Catalina Eye Care can rest assured knowing they will be given top-notch care upon their visit.

Opened in 2009 by Dr. Lynn Polonski, Catalina Eye Care offers a variety of eye services, ranging from routine checkups to ocular surgery, with a staff that has repeatedly proven its work.

“We strive for excellence here,” said Polonski. “We are concerned about patient care, and we always want good outcomes for our patients.”

Prior to opening Catalina Eye Care, Polonski spent nine years as an assistant professor and practicing ocular surgeon at the University of Arizona’s Department of Ophthalmology, where he was awarded Best Surgical Instructor and Best Teacher awards.

Polonski specializes in several areas of eye care, including oculoplastics, cataract surgery, lid and lacrimal disorders, removal of orbital tumors, and orbital reconstruction.

In addition to Catalina Eye Care, Polonski still practices at Camp Lowell Surgery Center, University Medical Center, Foothills Surgery Center, and St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Polonski has received national recognition on several occasions for his quality of work.

After the shooting that left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition, Polonski was one of the doctors called to operating room.

“I didn’t know if it was Gabby or somebody else. I arrived just as Giffords was arriving in the operating room,” said Polonski.

Polonski and his team decompressed Giffords’ right orbit and reconstructed the roof of her orbit with titanium plates to hold up her frontal lobe.

“It was certainly a high-profile case, but you have to approach it the same as you would anyone else,” said Polonski. “We are thrilled to know she is doing so well.”

As with Giffords, the case of Green Valley resident LeRoy Luetscher was also a life-threatening one. Luetscher fell and landed on a pair of pruning shears, the handle penetrating his eye socket, and reaching all the way down into his throat.

“The handle of the shears were resting on his carotid artery,” said Polonski. “The handles had gone six inches into his head. We removed the sheers and rebuilt the bone in his eye socket, and he has made a remarkable recovery.”

Polonski was able to save the vision in Leutscher’s right eye, and continues to provide care. He recently reconstructed Leutscher’s eyelid, and performed cataract surgery.

 “I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding medical care that was provided to me on July 30,” Luetscher wrote in a thank you letter. “A team of doctors, headed by Lynn Polonski had me in surgery for three hours. These highly skilled professionals saved my life. I will forever be indebted.”

Polonski said he appreciates the support.

“It’s an amazing feeling to get people quick results,” he said. “It’s a good feeling to have someone the next day tell you that your work is amazing.”

Polonski’s success with Catalina Eye Care has come with further expertise from Dr. Leslie Weintraub, who was voted among the best optometrists in the region.

Weintraub has extensive experience in optometry, and is one of 453 board certified optometrists in the country.

Fittingly, Catalina Eye Care offers an array of eyeglasses, including high-end frames and lenses that are often not found at other offices. When patients come and go from Catalina Eye Care, they will want to be seeing clearly, as the office and its location in the Foothills is quite beautiful.

Add to the expertise of Dr. Polonski and Dr. Weintraub, and it is clear why Catalina Eye Care is becoming the doctor’s office that people want to visit.

Catalina Eye Care is located at 4021 E. Sunrise Dr., Suite 121.

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