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Dr. Dan Cappozzo makes an adjustment on his two-year-old daughter Sophia at Cappozzo Family Chiropractic in Oro Valley. Dan and his wife, Dr. Becky Cappozzo, opened their pracitce a few weeks ago.

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It’s only been three weeks since Dr. Becky Cappozzo and Dr. Dan Cappozzo opened Cappozzo Family Chiropractic in Oro Valley, but the young, married couple have already found success by taking a unique, well-rounded approach in the industry.

For individuals in need of chiropractic care, but skeptical or afraid of traditional adjustment methods, Cappozzo Family Chiropractic specializes in an alternative solution known as gentle chiropractics, which offers many of the same benefits as traditional treatments, but in a low force, and no surprise, gentle manner.

“There’s a huge gap for people wanting more of a gentle approach to chiropractic care,” said Dan, who demonstrated some of the techniques on the couple’s two-year-old daughter, Sophia. “A lot of people would benefit from chiropractic care, but a lot of things hold them back, like the fear of being adjusted or the cracking sound.”

As with traditional chiropractics, gentle methods have the ability to promote healing and skeletal alignment while reducing pain, but without the sudden wrenching movements common to traditional methods. Instead, gentle chiropractics focuses on soft tissue techniques, such as stretching, pulling, and massaging muscles, all of which promote natural healing and a properly functioning nervous system.

“The nervous system controls every cell in your body,” said Becky. “If it’s sending out the wrong message, you want to get that restored and let it perform to the best of its ability.”

Marketing their gentle approach, the Cappozzos said they have quickly attracted enough patients to exceed their original goals.  

While experiencing early success with the gentle chiropractics, the Cappozzos do not limit options for patients desiring traditional practice.

“We are very proficient in manual techniques,” said Dan. “That’s what really sets us apart, because we do both here.”

Regardless of the patient’s preference, the Cappozzos recommend regular checkups as a preventative measure for pain.

“Pain is the last thing to develop,” Dan said. “It didn’t just start then and there, it took a long time to develop. The whole goal is not to wait until you feel pain, but to come in on a more regular basis to prevent it.”

Still, the Cappozzos said less visits from patients isn’t necessarily a bad thing either, as it reflects on the quality of care and lasting results available from their practice.

“Word of mouth is spreading quickly,” Becky said. “People are happy with the care they’re getting, and they’re getting good results. That’s all we can ask for.”

Dan added that if for any reason they are unable to adhere to the specific needs of a particular patient, they are happy to refer to other practices.

“We want to do what is best for the patient, 100 percent,” he said. “If we can’t do what they need, we will find someone who can. We’ve had great experiences dealing with other practices.”

Still, the Cappozzos, who have only lived in Oro Valley for about a month, said they have had been received well by the residents of Oro Valley, who they referred to as “extremely friendly.”

The young couple (Dan, 28 and Becky, 25) chose Oro Valley as a place to call home after graduating from a chiropractor college in Iowa. They cited Oro Valley’s weather, low-crime, and business-friendly atmosphere as just a few of the reasons for their decision.

In a Town popular with retirees, the Cappozzos said their young age has caught some patients off-guard, but added there are benefits to being young in their job field.

“One way to look at it is we have the most current education of what’s out there,” said Becky.

“Technology is developing so fast,” said Dan. “With the pace that research is being produced, we focus a lot on evidence-based research and instruments that will benefit our patients, and we got to see a lot of that in school.”

Cappozzo Family Chiropractic is located at 12450 N. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. For more information on the wide array of services offered, visit

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Thank you to Chris, Randy, and The Explorer for a great article!

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