Imagen Salon and Day Spa

Carla Symms watches as Deborah White applies acrylic nails at Imagen Salon and Day Spa in Oro Valley. Imagen Salon and Day Spa offers its clients salon services along with nail and spa treatments.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

Imagen Salon & Day Spa must be doing something right. Not only has the company been in business for almost 30 years nationwide, but its Oro Valley location opened smack in the middle of the 2008 recession, and still stands strong today.

Plans of other buildings restaurants and even a hotel came and went because of the hard-hit economy, which is one of the reasons Imagen remains the only building on its lot, which is just fine by owner Iris Sanchez.

“We have a great clientele and staff, and people have really gotten to know about our business without us having to be in a high-traffic location,” she said. “We’re really grateful for our clientele in helping us through when the economy fell flat.”

Located at 475 E. Vuelta Caminata Del Rio, the two-story Imagen building serves needs of men and women, and has an unparalleled view of the Pusch Ridge mountainside to complement a wide array of services and inventory, spacious atmosphere, and friendly staff.

From basic treatments like manicures, pedicures, hair services, or skin care, to full on packages for bridal retreats, Imagen pushes the envelope when it comes to selection.

“When someone comes in and asks us if we do a certain thing, sometimes we may not offer that, but we will start offering since it is being asked for,” said Sanchez.

One of the more recent additions to the Imagen service menu is Keratin hair straightening treatments, which has proven a more flexible option for customers than using typical relaxers.

“It’s not nearly as invasive,” said Sanchez. “If a woman with curly hair wants to try straight hair, she can do it with this treatment with less permanent results. If she decides to go back to having curls, her hair will slowly return to its natural state.”

Spray tanning is another new addition to the salon, which Sanchez said is growing popular very quickly. The salon also offers brow and lash services, waxing, make-up, and body treatments.

Upstairs, guests can take advantage of the salon’s numerous spa packages (many which accommodate large parties) while appreciating scenic views and a relaxing, quiet atmosphere.

For Sanchez, the biggest reward in her business is seeing clients leave with a new sense of confidence.

“They call that the hair dresser’s high,” she said. “We really strive to be the best for whoever comes in here. To see someone leave so happy, that’s what makes this great.”

So, what’s Imagen’s secret to making customers happy?

“I always say, if we can just stick to the basics, and the love we have for this business, and the appreciation we have for our guests, that’s really what sets us apart,” said Sanchez. “I don’t have a magic wand. We just created a beautiful space that has everything our customers want.”

Along with the aesthetically pleasing site, Sanchez credits a great staff and a loyal clientele for Imagen’s stability.

“I can’t do it without either,” she said. “They are a huge part of the salon and what Imagen is.”

The salon has grown popular enough to often attract companies to showcase their up-and-coming styling products and educate guests about their benefits.

For more details on the services offered at Imagen Salon & Day Spa, visit

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