ot, hot, and hotter is what we have been feeling these last couple of months. As much as I love the heat, I am ready for a little cooler weather. Luckily with movie theaters, indoor gyms, fitness centers, bars serving food, and water parks being able to open last week, this will give us other opportunities to go to get cooled off.  Please keep in mind if you are planning to go to any of these places remember to follow all the requirements that are allowing them to reopen. We want these businesses to remain open and they need your help and support to make this happen.

Welcome to Marana, Arizona! We have had another busy month of welcoming residents to our area. Building permits were up again in July with a total of 103 new housing permits issued. If you are new to the area and want to know more about Marana and what there is to do here, check out our website at Also, do not forget to like us on Facebook. 

At the last Town Council meeting, we learned that our current population in Marana is at 50,000 and once the 2020 Census is complete, we will be at 52,000. Speaking of the 2020 Census, have you been counted?  If not, you have until Sept. 30, 2020. You can go to, call 844-300-2020, or mail in your invitation that you received in March. The results of the census will help in determining how much money our community receives for schools, fire departments, adult education programs, senior services and much more. Everyone living in the United States and its five territories is required to be counted in the census. Fun fact about the Census: It first started in 1790 and this will mark the 24th time that we have taken the Census in the country.

The Marana Chamber held our Virtual Annual Meeting last month. Each year, per our bylaws, we are to host an Annual Meeting to give an update to our members on how the chamber is doing and recap all that we accomplished during the past year. This year was a little different as it was held virtually, but we were still able to honor our outgoing chairwoman of the board, Roberta Lopez-Suter with Trico Electric, and welcome our incoming chairwoman, Jeanie Hughes with Undercover Laser. Our 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 30+ year members were also honored for their commitment and support to the chamber. A celebration of our committee chairs and outgoing board members was a part of the meeting. Not only did we get to give a list of the chamber’s accomplishments, but our members shared all that they accomplished over the last year. And WOW, we have all accomplished a lot!

Welcome to our newest member Arizona Sands Club. Thank you to all our current members. We appreciate you and your continued support for the Marana Chamber.


Audra Winters is president/CEO of the Marana Chamber of Commerce. For more information about our members or news in this article, go to or call (520) 682-4314.

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