Originally opened by two teenagers back in 1967, Summit Hut has kept its customers happy by providing quality outdoor products and services. The store is expanding into the Northwest area on North Oracle Road.

“We think it’s a good area for our business to grow,” said Landon Q. Vincent, the marketing manager at Summit Hut located on East Speedway Boulevard. “The folks that come into our store are excited about us expanding up in the northwest area.”

Jeff Conn and David Baker started Summit Hut, at the time as 15-year-old boys, who wanted to provide Tucsonans with mountaineering and backpacking equipment. They started their own ordering service, which started from their homes until Baker took over the entire business and rented a 150-square -foot space. The business expanded over time, now providing climbing, camping, traveling, running, navigation, backpacking and much more equipment and gear.

“We give a quality customer experience which also means we have quality products,” said Vincent. “We are a prime member of the community and are very locally involved.”

One of the ways Summit Hut was involved in the community this last year was through working alongside Banff Mountain Musical Festival representatives at the film festival, which takes place at the Fox Tucson Theatre. Proceeds from the event are given to the top picked local, outdoor non-profit organizations.

“We open it up for non-profits to submit applications and then we narrow it down to five finalists,” said Vincent. “Public voting then takes place. All five will receive a donation of some sort but the top two will receive big checks.”

Apart from Summit Hut’s community service, Vincent says that making their name even more known and wide spread in the Tucson community is important. The new Summit Hut is one way the company is doing that. They will have their grand opening on Thursday, July 4 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. where a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place, hot dogs and burgers will be served, raffles, presentations and more will occur. The grand opening will continue through most of the day Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6.

The new Summit Hut is located at 7745 N. Oracle Rd. Oro Valley, AZ 85704



Where: 5045 E. Speedway

Tucson, AZ 85712

Phone: 325-1554

Website: Summithut.com

Hours: Mon-Fri 9-8 p.m.,

Sat 9-6:30 p.m., Sun 9-5 p.m.

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