When a person hears the two words “Greek food,” the dishes that often come to mind are gyros, pita sandwiches and Greek salads, but what most people are unaware of is that Greek food encompasses so much more. 

“We are trying to change people’s perceptions and paradigm,” said Jimmy Pastore, one of the owners at It’s Greek To Me. “Greek food is a Mediterranean diet and one of the healthiest diets on the planet. It doesn’t just include gyros but fresh seafood, vegetables, feta, lamb, chicken, pork, lettuce and more.”

It’s Greek To Me is located in Catalina and has provided the community with authentic, fresh, made-from-scratch Greek food for the last seven years. Pastore, along with his friend, Jeff Bridge, took over the business on July 1. Since then, the restaurant has moved up from the ranking of 28 to number four on TripAdvisor.

A family atmosphere, personable customer service, and the way the food is made and presented, are all part of the increased growth and popularity at It’s Greek To Me. Pastore gives much of the credit to Chef David d’Auteuil, who puts his own personal artistic touch to each dish.

“Cooking food appeases to both the side of art and food for me, which I like and enjoy,” said d’Auteuil. “It’s not just about the taste or presentation of the food, but it’s the atmosphere – that’s why I like it here. It’s a family restaurant with good food, good wine and good music.”

It’s Greek To Me offers a variety of traditional Greek dishes and wine as well as food that will appeal to families with younger children. None of the food is from boxes or cans – all is fresh, which allows for people to enjoy healthy and nutritious food with no preservatives. The owners and chef immerse themselves into the community by purchasing a lot of their produce from local farmers markets.

Besides the food that is offered regularly throughout the week, It’s Greek To Me treats people to new fish every weekend. Some of the fish has included Mexican sea bass, clams, muscles, Alaskan halibut, Ecuadorian corvina and more. 

“People know about what fish we get each weekend through emails we send out,” said Pastore. “We are one of the only Greek restaurants up in this area. We want people in the northwest area to know we are here.”

Moving forward, the owners and chef hope to continue to serve people authentic Greek food and expand their business through catering.

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