A two-story building with a complete view of the mountains, Imagen Salon & Day Spa not only offers beautiful views, but a wide variety of services.

“My ultimate thing was to do this,” said Owner Iris Sanchez about opening the salon five years ago. “To have a beautiful space to service clients the way I feel they deserve.”

Imagen Salon offers hair, nail and spa services. Hair services include haircuts, styling, coloring, permanents curls, extensions, cosmetics and brow and lash services. 

Nail services provide manicures, pedicures, nail art, acrylics, and hand and foot treatments. The hair and nail services are primarily given downstairs. The upstairs provides clients with spa services. 

Within the five rooms, Imagen Salon provides waxing, facial treatments, microdermabrasion treatments and full body massage and scrub treatments.

“We offer services that are right under a doctor’s care,” said Sanchez, who adds that her employees are certified for their specific jobs. “We try to train staff constantly to stay up to par.”

Imagen Salon has about 20 employees on staff, is open five days a week and now offers a new service of permanent makeup. The salon also includes a boutique, seating area upstairs and spa packages for its clients. Spa packages vary from teenagers to adults.

“It’s a friendly place where we make you feel comfortable no matter where you come from,” said Sanchez. “I take pride in having people walk in and think this is their place.”

Sanchez is also proud of how the salon services wedding parties.

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