Groomingdales leaves paw print on community

4759 N. 1st Ave.



Genuine care, knowledge, and the building of relationships among clients have left Groomingdales Pet Salon with a lasting imprint on the community of dog owners in Tucson.

“We have the best clients in the world.  They are awesome,” said Mary Alice Bushey, owner of Groomingdales Pet Salon.  “We have a lot of knowledge and never look at the dogs as just dogs.  We take care of them.”

Groomingdales Pet Salon opened on North First Avenue and East River Road in May of 1993.  For 19 years, they have provided pet care, grooming, and products for dogs.  Unlike many grooming stores, Bushey allows all the dogs to be together.

“If a dog is aggressive, we separate him, if he is ill, we separate him,” said Bushey. “We like to have all the dogs together.  It helps the dogs to be social with each other.”

The staff at Groomingdales Pet Salon also pushes to build relationships with veterinarians in Tucson.

“We see dogs more often than vets do,” said Bushey. “If we see a bump on a dog that wasn’t there the last week we saw them we want to let them know.”

Bushey is vice president of the Arizona Professional Pet Groomers Association where she takes part in seminars to continue her education about dogs.  Her grooming salon keeps up with the most current equipment and products to provide quality care for her clients’ dogs.

“We use re-moisturizing treatment on every dog because they need it.  Our prices are more expensive, but that’s because our quality is better,” said Bushey.  “We strive to learn everything we can.  We want to take the best care of their dogs.”

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Nancy In Tucson

[smile] this is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a tri-color. Mary Alice and Lonnie provide an environment that dogs are so excited to return to, the grooming is wonderful and your dog comes home exhausted and happy to have had a day being a dog...playing with the pack! My dog kisses these dedicated women and loves them....this is so sweet to see. GROOMINGDALES is the best and I thank tem for their referral to a wonderful Vet, Dr Ferguson, Old Pueblo... A very smart, old school and talented Vet. Thank you GROOMINGDALES!

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