Oro Valley Pediatrics is expanding its practice by accepting new patients beginning in April.

The team of five pediatricians plan to continue offering the same level of attention it gives to patients, which Oro Valley Pediatrics Manager Shawn Markham believes is different from that of other pediatrics.

“Our practice is differentiated from other practices in the manner that we treat patients,” Markham said. “We give them the time they deserve, versus what is reimbursed. We spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and half at times with patients. It’s not based on how much we make, it’s how we treat the patients.”

The office, which is owned by the practice’s president Dr. Carl Roberts, was founded in October of 2000. Roberts received his medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine and had his pediatric residency at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. He moved to Tucson in 1997 after working as a pediatrician for 12 years in Indiana.

When it began, Roberts and one other pediatrician ran it. As the need and demand grew, other physicians were brought on board.

Currently, along with Roberts, Dr. Pamela Villar, Dr. Diana Honebrink, Dr. Christa Whittard, and Dr. Ana Tanase all work together and see close to 11,000 patients.

“I saw a growing need for Pediatrics in Oro Valley back in 1999. I also saw the need for a practice with a difference,” Roberts said in an email. “I did not want the typical clinical setting but wanted to create a home atmosphere for the families. I wanted separate waiting areas for sick and well children to decrease the spread of infection within the office, and I wanted a group of doctors that were willing to spend time with the patients. I opened the doors in October of 2000 and have been able to achieve all of those goals over the several years. Our current location allows us to provide quality care in a setting that is comfortable and healthy for our families. We have added a physician with experience in alternative pediatric medicine to address those needs of the community and will soon be adding another physician, Dr. John “Pete” Seward, who brings years of pediatric experience with him. All in all, we are a practice with a difference and appreciate our relationship with Oro Valley and the surrounding communities that support us.”

In addition to seeing children for common needs, Oro Valley Pediatrics sees patients with behavioral issues such as ADHD and ADD. The doctors also see children who have been abused.

These patients are seen for at least 30 minutes and up, which Markham says is unique.

“The kindness of our doctors and the time involved with patients is just not something you see in medicine, typically, any more,” Markham said.

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