Darcie Maranich

Darcie Maranich


As a stay-home mom, my job title is sort of like an umbrella that covers several duties. I’m a chauffeur, a chef, a tutor and a nurse. An accountant. A personal shopper. Secretary. When you throw together a few duties from each of those titles, you begin to get an accurate representation of life as I know it. Often times, though, I feel as though the title ‘maid’ most accurately describes the majority of my job. Especially this time of year, when I’m busy spring cleaning. Maybe I just have dust bunnies on my mind, but today I thought I’d share a checklist for those of you who, like me, are busy polishing and shining everything in your house. It can be difficult to remember to tidy every seldom-used nook and cranny, after all, but this checklist should help you get your place cleaned up for spring in a hurry.


- Check shower curtain liner and replace if needed

- To clean grout in the shower, make a cleaning solution with one part vinegar and one part water and apply to grout in a circular motion with a stiff brush

- Use the same solution (and a rag) to clean baseboards

- Discard toothbrushes that are over three months old

- Remove decorative towels from rod. Wash and dry them before replacing

- Clean doorframes and light fixtures


- Remove linens for laundering

- While the sheets are in the washer, use the brush tool of a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the mattress

- Dust ceiling fan blades and light fixtures

- Use the brush tool of the vacuum to clean any drapes or curtains

- Dust and polish wooden blinds

- Flip the mattress


- Go through the refrigerator to check for outdated condiments. Discard food items that are past the ‘best by’ date

- Use the vinegar/water cleaning solution to wipe down shelves and drawers in the fridge and freezer

- Use the brush tool on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the coils on the back of the fridge.

- Wipe dust and grime off the top of the fridge

- Clean the oven

- Wipe out the microwave

- Pour 1 cup of vinegar into a glass measuring cup. With only the vinegar filled measuring cup inside, run the dishwasher with a full cleaning cycle of hot water

Other areas

- Dust and polish ceiling fan blades

- Dust atop picture frames and decorative items on shelves

- Condition leather furniture

- Sweep porches and decks

- Check exterior light bulbs to see if they need replacing

Hopefully it won’t take you too long to complete this cleaning checklist in your own house. When you do, I have one last block for you to check:

- Put your feet up and enjoy a margarita on the rocks.

You earned it!

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John Flanagan

Ummmmh.....Spring? When I lived on Long Island I knew when Spring was upon us, as the snow had melted, Robins were once again on the lawn, weeds were growing, and yes it was time to sweep out the garage and clean the screens, change the mower blade, and so forth.

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