“Two and a Half Men” will be receiving a much-needed feminine touch as the show goes into its 11th season this year with the addition of “House” and “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” star, Amber Tamblyn. 

The actress is slated to be playing a five episode guest role on the CBS comedy as Charlie’s previously unmentioned illegitimate daughter, Jenny.

Tamblyn will be joining the “Two Men” when her character moves out to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and makes contact with her uncle, Alan Harper, played by Jon Cryer. 

Throwing another twist into the show, Tamblyn’s character has been announced to be bisexual. Following much in the footsteps of her late father, Jenny Harper will be preying upon the women of Los Angeles. Jenny was initially said to be a lesbian, though show creator, Chuck Lorre, was recently quoted saying that, “[Jenny Harper] will probably lean more into the bisexual elements of the whole thing.” Lorre described her as very much like her father - “a pretty remarkably strong and ballsy character. Kind of does what she wants, when she wants, with who she wants.”

Even though Amber Tamblyn’s character is only slated to have a five-episode run with the show, a positive response from the viewership may lead to Jenny finding a permanent residence in the house of her late womanizing father.

The introduction of Jenny Harper to the Harper household comes on the heels of a marathon of backstage drama for the hit comedy. Original cast member Charlie Sheen had his infamous falling out with Chuck Lorre and a general loss of sanity, leading to his removal from the show and his character being killed off. 

More recently, the half of a man, Angus T. Jones, left the show as a series regular after his own falling out with Lorre and “Two and a Half Men” as a whole. Young’s character, Jake Harper, checks in with the rest of the characters on occasion but has since departed. Since the loss of two of its stars, production for “Two and a Half Men” has been looking for someone to fill the voids. 

Ashton Kutcher joined the cast two seasons ago as millionaire Walden Schmidt and has since earned a place in the show’s future. With the third role still open, Tamblyn may not be the first actor we see step into a new role in “Two and a Half Men”.

“Two and a Half Men” soon carries on to its 11th season. Long gone are the days of a young Jake living with his emotionally crippled father and raunchy uncle. As the plot lines have developed and avenues have been explored, where does “Two and a Half Men” draw the line and find a conclusion? The addition of Ashton Kutcher in the past few seasons have given the show some life, but a lack of strong writing and the departure of Angus T. Jones leaves the once rib splitting sitcom in an interesting position. Caught somewhere between fart jokes and utter flat line, Amber Tamblyn may prove to be the life raft that “Two and a Half Men” needs. A breath of fresh air.

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