Rick and Morty

The third season of "Rick and Morty" is in production, though still some time away from release. 

It has been less than six months since the second season of “Rick and Morty” ended, and fans of the hit Adult Swim animated sci-fi show have been scrounging for every scrap of information, image, video or leak regarding the future of the beloved show.

The internet may rejoice; news of the third season’s progress has been made public – though the expected release is still some time away.

According to Mike McMahan, one of the “Rick and Morty” writers, voice actors have begun recording episode 301, confirmed by a post on his Twitter account “TNG Season 8,” which was later verified by iDigital Times. According to the report, McMahan is responsible for writing the first new episode, which is only given a working title, episode 301.

News of the new season isn’t exactly new. Show creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon announced back in December that the third season would soon be in the works – after some raucous New Year’s celebrations.

“Rick and Morty” is centered on eponymous characters Rick Sanchez and his grandson, Morty Smith. Rick, a dimension-traveling mad scientist with a drinking problem, mysteriously disappeared from his family’s life for 20 years; only to one day appear at the doorstep of his daughter Beth and her husband Jerry Smith. Morty and his grandfather spend their days on dangerous and often hilarious adventures throughout the multi-verses of space, all while Morty stresses about girls and school.

Roiland voices the series' eponymous characters, while the supporting cast stars the voices of Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer and Sarah Chalke.

Since season two ended in October, fans have had little to tide them over until new episodes. A mobile game titled "Pocket Mortys" was recently released for both iOS and Android. The game allows players to take control of over 70 bizarre Mortys to recruit and train in a similar style the “Pokémon” franchise.

Though the game allowed a small respite, it was not tied to the story of the show.

The story leaves of with Rick being jailed in the universe’s most maximum security prison for every crime imaginable. When the new season starts, the plot point of interest will be his escape from prison, a point Harmon teased would not take too long.

"I don't think anybody wants to do a third season that simply spends a whole bunch of episodes dealing with a situation that we created at the end of the second season,” he said in a recent interview. “So, I think that's a non-spoiler way of saying things should be okay pretty quickly," he said.

So more hilarity, more crazy adventures, more “Rick and Morty.”  While the new season is sure to bring about some changes, not much seems to be change for the winning recipe. As of now, the launch of the third season is speculated to air at some point in the first quarter of 2017, look for March.

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