Only four years after showing off his ever-growing, impressive lyrical prowess and dominance over the underground hip-hop industry, independent rap veteran Aesop Rock (real name Ian Matthias Bavitz) just announced the upcoming release of his newest studio album, “The Impossible Kid,” due to reach listeners April 29 via Rhymesayers Entertainment.

In addition to the news of the upcoming release, a video for a song off the album, “Rings” was also released, giving fans a first taste of what is to come from the indie rap pioneer.

To say that Aesop Rock sits in a class all his own, is quite the understatement. Few lyricists reach the same level of complexity in their songs as he. Known for in-depth metaphors about everything from social problems to suicide and the loss of friends, the music of Aesop Rock is impossible to put into simple terms.

His newest release, “Rings,” is somewhat of a return to more somber tones. The roots of song, and the newest album, stem from a turbulent period in the rapper’s life when he left his second home-city of San Francisco to live in a barn deep in the woods after a close friend passed away. Notes of grave melancholy can be picked up over the electronic introduction, and a smooth bass carries the song well.

Partnered with the introspective “Rings” is a video showing Aesop Rock being struck by a vehicle and later opened up on the operating table. Within the rapper’s CGI-created mind is a collection of different boxes and containers, each relaying memorable moments.

Back in the studio to work on a major project since releasing “Skelethon” in 2012, Aesop was able to once again maintain complete creative control over the album, a recipe for success if there is any in the music industry. “The Impossible Kid” will feature 15 songs and album artwork co-conceived with artist Alex Pardee.

Though Aesop hasn’t released a full length album since 2012, he did give fans a taste of his musical magic last year with the release of the EP “Cat Food,” as well as several collaborative projects with Kimya Dawson and Rob Sonic, to name a few.

If “Rings” is anything to go by, “The Impossible Kid” is going to be another amazing album from a man known for intimately understanding his own limits, only to break them with each release.

Special pre-order bonuses are included for those looking to secure a copy of the new album and some gear. Pre-orders of “The Impossible Kid” from Fifth Element will receive an exclusive autographed insert by Aesop Rock.

To preorder the album from  Fifth Element, click here


01: Mystery Fish

02: Rings

03: Lotta Years

04: Dorks

05: Rabies

06: Supercell

07: Blood Sandwich

08: Get Out of the Car

09: Shrunk

10: Kirby

11: TUFF

12: Lazy Eye

13: Defender

14: Water Tower

15: Molecules

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