Humane Society of Southern Arizona Sophie

Five dogs and three puppies are happy to be calling Arizona home after they were rescued in a large-dog fighting raid that took place throughout Missouri, Texas and Kansas.

After investigations and at the request of the FBI, United States Attorney's Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the ASPCA aided in the rescue, removal and transport of almost 100 dogs.

It is unclear if the dogs had been used to fight, as bait or as breeders, but each was found in holding at a large warehouse. The ASPCA provided veterinary care, sheltering, behavioral evaluations, socializing and enrichment in an undisclosed location in Missouri to ensure the animals' safety.

Not long after the dogs were rescued, the ASPCA reached out to the HSSA through a shelter partnering network. After months of intricate planning and preparation, the dogs arrived at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona after a 20-hour ride from Kansas City, Mo., to Tucson. The dogs range in age from 8 weeks to 7 years old, and each has its own story and hope for a life of love and stability.

Upon arrival, the five older dogs were kenneled alone to settle in at the HSSA. After a day of rest, each dog had some hoops to jump through before making it to adoptions. Each dog was examined by an HSSA vet to check overall health and afterwards was kenneled with another dog in adoptions to find a permanent home.

"Tucson is a small community but we at the HSSA are happy we can partner up with the ASPCA on a national level to give these dogs a second chance to be companion animals and have loving homes," said Kelli Neufeld, Canine Services Program Coordinator for the HSSA.

All eight dogs will be available for adoption through the regular HSSA adoption process. Adoption counselors will ensure each dog goes to a home that is compatible with its individual personality, temperament and energy level.


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