Dog Days in the Desert provides children with in-depth, hands-on education about animal care and the human-animal bond. Our curriculum-based activities require a high level of participation from the enrolled children. Participants will enjoy a variety of classroom activities, creative and artistic exercises; hands-on animal care and character-building lessons that will stimulate their minds and their consciousness.

During Dog Days 2013 programs, children will be divided up by age groups and topics will vary depending on the group for which they are registered. Topics will include but are not limited to, New Pet Ownership and Responsibility, Animal Handling and Bite Safety, Kindness and Compassion, Pet Adoption Promotions, Domestication of Cats and Dogs, Native Wild Animal Habitat and Ecology, Building Pet Living Areas and Careers.


Dates of 2013 Summer Programs: 

Freshmen Programs (ages 6-8): 

Pampered Paws & Cuddle Companions:

Monday-Thursday, June 3-6

Pet Vet: Caring for Furry and Four-Legged Friends at the Children's Museum: Monday-Thursday, July 15-18

Junior Programs (ages 9-11):  

Featured Pet Productions: Monday-Thursday, June 10-13

When Dogs Were Wolves and Cats Were Wild: Monday-Thursday, July 8-12 

Senior Programs (ages 12-14): 

Junior Vet: Caring Careers: Monday-Thursday, June 17-20

Pet Pads and Cool Cribs: Monday-Thursday, July 22-25 

Time: 9–3 p.m. daily 

Program Description: These fun and instructive four-day programs use classroom activites, individual and group projects, arts and crafts, guest speakers and hands-on animal interaction to teach children about animal care and their humane responsibility toward animals. A large part of the daily curriculum will include foster care of Humane Society shelter animals, particularly puppies, kittens, and several smaller animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils. 

At the end of the four-day program, participants will celebrate in a fun recognition party. 

Location and Address: HSSA Companions for Life Center, 3465 East Kleindale Rd.

Fees: $225 for public; $200 for HIP members; $225 to register for camp and HIP membership

Contact info for staff: Inge Koopman-Leyva (520) 321-3704, ext. 142, or email, fax (520) 382-2994 

Limited scholarships may be available. Please do not register online if you are interested in a scholarship!  Please call (520) 321-3704, ext. 142, for more information.

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