Rudeism hits level 100

Twitch streamer Rudeism celebrates after achieving level 100 in "World of Warcraft"after playing exclusively on dancepads

Well, now we’ve seen it all.

In a little more than a month’s time, online videogame streamer known as Rudeism triumphantly hit level 100 (the current cap) in popular massively multiplayer online role playing game “World of Warcraft” after playing entirely on a plastic dancepad controller used for “Dance Dance Revolution.”

With a little more than a hop, skip and a jump the New Zealand-based Rudeism has shown a dedication to the game that few have matched since WoW first came out more than ten years ago.

In his pursuit to 100, Rudeism chose a male Troll monk, and accumulated a total of five days, 11 hours, 48 minutes and 38 seconds of dancing to reach his goal – an impressive time especially considering the circumstances.

Rudeism finished the game using two dance pads, though he also added some official rules to the challenge, which he titled “Dancecraft.”

(Taken from Rudeism’s Twitch)

  • You can use one or two dance pads ONLY to play the game.
  • Hands, keyboards and mice can be used for Alt-Tabbing, or logging in/out. Nothing else.
  • If you can chat using the dance pads, it is allowed. Otherwise, no chatting via typing. Discord/Teamspeak/Twitch etc. are allowed for voice chat.
  • Other players may make you bags, chat on your behalf and join you in dungeons or PvP, but cannot help in any other way.
  • You may only run each dungeon ONCE. Dungeon boosting with 100s is not allowed.
  • No heirlooms of any kind.
  • No professions.
  • PvP servers ONLY.
  • If you play RPPvP, you must roll a troll monk. (Not really.)
  • You are allowed only ONE macro, no more. That macro MUST be /dance.
  • BONUS OPTIONAL RULE: No setting your Hearthstone at all.

While playing “World of Warcraft” under such interesting guidelines is impressive, it is not the first game Rudeism has conquered on alternative controllers. His list of previous accomplishments includes playing “Rocket League” on a “Guitar Hero” guitar, as well as “Portal;” beating “Mirror’s Edge” on a steering wheel and previously beating “Superhot” and “Minesweeper” on dancepads.

He is currently playing “Surgeon Simulator 2013” on a guitar and “Undertale Genocide” on a dancepad.

Click below for the final 7-hour-plus Twitch session to level 100 – which occurs at seven hours and eight minutes in:


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