MF Dem?

Could Dem Atlas and MF Doom soon be putting out an album - the world of hip-hop sure hopes so.

In the age of the internet releasing new singles, collaborations, mix-tapes and even full albums can be done in minutes – giving fans the music they so ravenously desire without having to leave the comfort of their couches. Despite the World Wide Web taking precedence in every genre of music – it seems as though old-school viral marketing may still be viable.

Hosted over Memorial Day Weekend was one of underground hip-hop’s biggest yearly events – the Soundset Festival – a gathering of more than 30 of the industry’s biggest names all in one place. The brainchild of Rhymesayers Entertainment since 2008, the festival draws tens of thousands of fans from across the globe.

While the most exciting part of the festival is always going to be the music, it is also a perfect opportunity for the Rhymesayers label to drop some hints on upcoming releases.

Originally posted by Reddit use “diablodow,” it seems as though the great MF Doom will be back with his first release since 2014’s “NehruvianDoom” with Bishop Nehru. Handed out at the Soundset Festival was a booklet featuring an image with the caption “COMING SOON.”

On that booklet is a sketch of a man who appears to be a mix of MF Doom and Dem Atlas, another artist signed to the Rhymesayers label. While Doom’s iconic mask is in the forefront of the sketch, there seems to be dreadlocks (Dem Atlas) doming out of the back. Additionally, scrawled on the front are the words “MF Dem,” though it is quite hard to make out.

While the appearance doesn’t indicate for sure the collaboration is happening, it does seem somewhat likely. While discussing the festival on a recent edition of “Sway in the Morning,” Dem Atlas answered some questions regarding his current projects.

The 23-year-old rapper said that he had “several” projects that he was working on at the time, any of which could be a potential collaboration with MF Doom.

“Actually sooner than later,” he said when asked when to expect his releases, “some cool s**t to look forward to this summer, that’s for sure.”

Will Dem Atlas be joining the huge list of artists who have put out amazing albums with the great MF Doom?

We hope so.

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