Cross Countries

After several years as a contributor and member of other music groups, Minnesota-based Cecil Otter recently released his newest single - "Cross Countries" via Doomtree Records

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Minneapolis, Minn. based rapper-producer Kyle Smith, better known by his stage name Cecil Otter, hasn’t released any solo material since putting out his debut full length-album, “Rebel Yellow” in 2008. That changed recently when Cecil released a new single, “Cross Countries” via Doomtree Records.

While Cecil may not be a well known name in his own right, the musical mastermind has had his hand, ear and musical styling in several releases in the past several years. Most noticeable among his work is his participation in rap collective, Doomtree, of which he is a founding member. Doomtree most recently released “All Hands” last year.

Outside of Doomtree, Cecil rose to fame as one half of the mash up duo, Wugazi, the other member being Swiss And. Wugazi was a remix project combining the raps of Wu-Tang Clan with the sounds of Fugazi. The project went instantly viral and garnered strong feedback from both national music publications as well as several prominent figures in the industry.

While “Cross Countries” is Cecil’s most experimental style yet, there is a haunting callback to the sounds of “Rebel Yellow,” while still showing how a near-decade of time has changed the Minnesota rapper.

Beginning on a note of familiarity, the song quickly expands past its acoustic foundation, all layered over Cecil’s calm, yet anxious rhythmic lines. Transitioning into an indie-rock vibe, there is no rush in the music, the only break coming past the two-minute mark for a brief interlude.

Though Cecil has been a part of several music projects over the past several years, the release of his own upcoming album, “Porcelain Revolver” has been a point of much anticipation for many in the underground community. While “Cross Countries” is more than likely an indication that “Porcelain Revolver” is coming soon – all we can do is hope.

Check out “Cross Countries”

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