Sara Summers - Anytime Fitness Marana

Sara Summers gets in a workout as part of winning the year-long challenge with Anytime Fitness. She works out at the Marana facility on Thornydale.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

Hello everyone,

Well still working out and eating right, still haven't weighed in yet however some people at my work started going to a boot camp at Reid park so I started going, trying to throw my body for a loop so that it will burn up more fat and drop some weight! Since its summer time I have been going to the pool and swimming laps, phew is that hard work! Also the Anytime Fitness that I am at ( Tangerine Crossing ) got a new stair stepper and I have climbing in that after my work outs, again trying to burn that fat.

Has any one who has been on a diet noticed that everyone has something to say about it? I have noticed that whenever it is apparent that I am watching what I eat or changing into work out clothes someone has something to say. I pull out my turkey slices and low fat string cheese with a pear suddenly people I dont even know have things to say, "You know you can eat carbs, as long as its the right kind!" "You know you should take it easy in the work outs or your body will stop burning fat" Anyone else had that happen to them? Well what I found best is to smile politely and actually listen to the professionals such as Tim the Trainer. Well I am closer to July and closer to the goal Tim has set for me, i hope I make it...!

Wishing you brightly colored shoelaces and celery!


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