Dental care is an important part of life, and that care is needed even at a young age.

There is always a question posed by parents about how important dental care is for children. After all, they are baby teeth that will soon fall out.

However, the Academy of General Dentistry recommends parents start thinking about dental care for children at least six months after the child’s first tooth erupts. The experts say this is a perfect time for the dentist to carefully examine the development of a child’s mouth.

However, with the cost of gas, paying bills and, now, preparing for back-to-school, many parents are strapped for cash and getting regular dental checkups may not be possible for some families.

Wanting to help some families in tough times, about 11 years ago, Satish Hiremath, of Hiremath Dentistry, began offering back-to-school exams for children free of charge.

The free exams are offered to children between kindergarten and 12th grade through the month of August. The exams include x-rays, which are valued at $111.

Hiremath has provided the service for 10 of the last 11 years, taking one year off as he prepared to run for mayor of Oro Valley, a race he went on to win.

The ultimate goal for Hiremath has been to set an example that will be carried on for many years to come.

“I wanted to make a difference in the mindset of our children here in Oro Valley,” Hiremath said. “Oro Valley kids, statistically speaking, have the socioeconomic status to land in other parts of the country and start their own life. I wanted them at a young age to realize that it is their social responsibility to have a positive influence in their respective communities wherever they end up, and more importantly, that it’s OK to do good things for their community.

Exams are open to patients who may not regularly visits Hiremath Dentistry. To make an appointment, or get more information call 797-9524, or visit the website at

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